Ripple XRPOperations with crypto-currencies are one of the most modern and profitable ways to increase your income. Considering the possibilities of developing different virtual coins, I settled on Ripple XRP. It has been on the market for quite some time (since 2012), which makes it possible to assess its potential.

Ripple XRP is not a clone of the famous bitcoin. The virtual currency operates on another algorithm, which significantly affects its development. Solution Ripple XRP buy promises to be very profitable, because from the moment the value of the Ripple coin has increased 20 times and continues to grow. Another feature — Ripple XRP mining is not possible.

However, I would advise you to purchase Ripple XRP carefully, as the news of Ripple XRP says that there is a significant correction of this crypto currency. But to get a Ripple XRP wallet is already now, as a long-term investment.

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Ripple XRP is a full-fledged crypto currency. It works by using payment gateways, ignoring the block system. It is this algorithm that makes it interesting for banking systems. News Ripple XRP talk about the systematic implementation of this technology by leading banks. Thanks to this on the Ripple XRP course is constantly growing.

Working with Ripple XRP is convenient and characterized by:

security of transactions;

high speed of financial transactions;

small commissions;


the ability to work with different currencies and even fiat money.

The founders of Ripple XRP used other algorithms and eliminated the possibility of mining coins by mining. The creators issued 100 billion coins, of which 35% were given to users. For the transaction, 0.00001 coins are written off, which work to protect the system from spam. These commissions are eventually destroyed, and the number of coins is reduced, that is, the price of Ripple XRP is increased automatically.

The nodes, which are the basis for the operation of the crypto currency, make it possible to carry out transactions not only with virtual money, but also with ordinary currency, and with precious metals.

For a long time the Ripple XRP course remained low. The real boom occurred only this year, when the company received an investment of 55 million dollars. A number of large corporations (Google, etc.) contributed to the development of the crypto currency. She opened the road to the Asian market, to the banking systems of Canada, the United States, etc. Ripple XRP made a sharp leap in the financial market.

Ripple XRP can be bought for a small amount. Its cost is still low — about 0.25 dollars.

Where to buy Ripple XRP?

To work with this crypto currency, you will need a purse. Ripple created a solution for PCs with any operating system. You can also use hardware wallets.

The easiest way to get Ripple XRP, exchanging them bitcoins. This can be done at Poloniex, Bittrex, EXMO and other exchanges.

If you do not have bitcoins, Ripple XRP can be purchased through a bank transfer or a card. You can also buy it on Bitstamp, GateHub and others.

Ripple XRP purse must be replenished immediately, without leaving money on the exchange.

Cranes Ripple XRP

Since Ripple XRP mining is impossible, the natural question is how to earn coins without investing money.

Ripple XRP cranes pay a certain number of coins to users for simple actions, for example, site visits, captcha input, etc. I used two cranes that give a good income: Coinfaucet and Xrpfaucet. We have to spend time, but this is a very real way to get the desired crypto currency.

Ripple XRP forecast

For the Ripple XRP, the outlook for the next year is very favorable. The active growth and expansion of this crypto currency promises significant profits to its owners.

Ripple XRP mining is not the only way to earn on the crypto currency. I was very interested in the growth prospects of this coin. Ripple XRP is a very profitable investment and a convenient tool for currency transactions.


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