Where to store bitcoinsWhen a person is just starting to work with a crypto currency, one of the first questions is: «Where to store bitcoins?» This is one of the most important aspects, since the coins that have been earned must be intact and intact. Bitcoin over the years has managed to launch into work not one kind of purses. They work on different platforms and can have a different interface. Of all the crypto currency, bitcoin has the largest number of platforms, adapted for different systems. I’ll tell you about the main types of wallets, where it is better to store bitcoins.

Where to store bitcoin cache?

The wallet, where you can store bitcoins, was created specifically to accumulate coins and carry out transactions for the sale and purchase of currency. The wallet should securely store the secret key — the code that opens access to the coins of the owner. In this regard, the bitcoin system is excellent. Your bitcoins will be safe and sound if you do not open your key to anyone. In fact, the question of where to store bitcoin wallet is not entirely correct. They do not keep wallets or bitcoins, only the digital key is important for the system. He is the only one giving access to the bitcoin address.

Purses may be different. The main criterion is what device they are designed for. These purses are divided into:





Now wallets are available to work on all the most common operating systems that are used in the world: Windows, OS X, Android, iOS, etc.

Wallet for PC

The simplest place to store bitcoins conveniently and easily is PC wallets. Also they are called local or desktop. Such a purse will be stored in memory as well as the file with the key. Two types of such wallets have been developed:

thick (it retains the entire block and requires a large amount of memory);

thin (does not need to download, uses other services to access the blockroom).

Of the known «thick» wallets can be called Bitcoin Core, Armory, etc. If you have limited space on your PC, it is more logical to use a thin purse, for example, Electrum (it can work with other crypto-money).

There are other wallets: MultiBit, Hive and DarkWallet.

Wallet for mobile

Where is it better to store bitcoins on a mobile gadget? For this purpose, special applications have been created. They also store keys for the bitcoin address and can carry out transactions with coins directly from the gadget. They do not become customers of the system in the full sense of the term. Since they can not download and store a large block of bucks, these wallets have a simplified version of the system that checks payments. In fact, you download only a small portion of the blockbuster.

Choosing where to store bitcoin cache on the mobile, pay attention to the popular Bitcoin wallet, Myceliun and Xapo applications.

Purses online

Another place where you can store bitcoins, are purses online. There are several special services that allow you to go to the wallet from anywhere. It’s convenient, but it can be risky. If you are afraid that someone can get the key to the wallet, it is better to refuse this kind. Of these services can be called Coinbase, Xapo and Strongcoin.

Hardware wallet

This species is the least popular. There are few types of such devices on the market. They are designed to store secret keys and facilitate the process of making payments. From the most convenient devices you can name wallets Trezor, flash drive Ledger and Keep Key.

Paper wallet

The simplest and cheapest solution. Some sites create a bitcoin-address and an image on which 2 QR-codes are indicated: the first one is available to all to get bitcoins, the second is secret to use for the transactions.

Where to store bitcoin gold?

Bitcoin gold is another clone of the well-known crypto currency. If you are interested in a new unit and where to store bitcoin gold, you should learn more about the principle of working with a new crypto currency. The developers say that it will eventually accrue to those users who have created a special purse for it.

When deciding where to store the bitcoin purse, do not forget to create a backup and ensure its protection from other people.


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