HYIP project — what is it?


What is a HYIP project?

The project, similar to an investment fund with high profitability. At the moment, these are mainly online projects that work with electronic currencies. Many haypas can be divided into types: fast — from 61% per month, medium-term — from 15% to 61% per month, long-term — up to 15% per month (and species can also be subspecies KIVI-eggs, guerrillas and others them). They call such projects pseudo-investment, because we invest in the air, despite the «legends». We will gradually understand all this fussiness.

Why is it cheating? Everything is banal — the principle of the financial pyramid. Pay these projects, as long as there is an influx of «fresh» cash resources from those who are hungry to earn money and more. Well-known Admins do not stint on website design, good hosting, advertising, monitors, pagers, good refenders and so on, that’s why they earn not only their beloved, but people are also given a tidbit (and the quickest is a very fat piece). Well … and not very conscientious — they quickly sprinkle another cheap «masterpiece» in a hurry and, for a day or two, easing the pockets of short-sighted and greedy comrades for a couple of thousand green or wooden, turn off their shop, leaving the sobbing and suffering alone with their sorrows. In the end, all the same, everyone will not be happy with the simple reason that someone will have time to invest their blood in the very presence of SCAM, which, alas, awaits any HYIP project! The Almighty does not have a definition, the word SCAM, but we’ll get to it.

Fast HYIPs

The fastest-paid are FAST (Fast HYIP-fast) — they pay from 61% per month, interest on deposits is charged on a daily basis, but very rarely live to their first month’s jubilee. Often this is the same type of design and investment plans. Beginners rush into these projects with a dollar sign in the eyes in the hope that in a month if they do not become millionaires, then thousands in their pockets will be pleasantly rustling for sure. Another important point is the availability of registration bonuses from 1 ruble to 10 dollars. Here comes the fever! The people flee to donated money, at first not paying attention to the fact that to create a contribution to this happiness it is also necessary to add as much, if not more, one’s own. And just to scratch somehow from the greedy Admin «earned sweat and blood» it would be better to activate the cabinet, invite three, five … referrals, collect the amount of 20-25 dollars. In general, there are lots of options. Domestic fasts in the people are called KIVI-eggs, since almost all of them accept payments and pay to the KIVI payment system, and for an insurance from blocking accounts in the same system they use anonymous translation-eggs (no matter how ridiculous it may sound). Foreign fasts not far away from our «originality» design and the lack of imagination in the development of investment plans. All these offices shout: «Carry money, thank you, goodbye!» However, sometimes there are exceptions to the rules, something like a live queue, where like and a solid percentage, and money is paid, and the site is pleasant to open. It all depends on the greed of the Admins and on the human factor of the vloshentsev (as investors call themselves on the forums).

In fast haypah, of course you can earn. If you find some decent HYIP, never look at long plans with astounding interest! We go to the work plan, which in most cases is the very first, better if with a period of 1 day. Yes, there is only 1-3%. But after all, in the midships, as well as a nose will not return)


Medium-sized projects or «MEDIUM» in the people love more, because there is an illusion of minimizing the risk of donating money to some scoundrel. However, you should not flatter yourself — the HYIP remains a HYIP. What does «middling» mean in HYIP projects and how do they differ from fasts? Yes, at least terms — you get the same money, but not for 3 days, and for a month, say, and take them not every day (although there are such plans), but let’s say once a week, and not 20-30% per day , and already 15-60% per month. Where is more real and the sense of danger is not so acute. As for the design, protection against DOS-attacks, everything is serious here! People are preparing not just a miserable little thing to snatch and flush away — with feeling, sensibly, with alignment and with some amount in the stash for expenses, which by themselves should return and bring friends with them to European and American (sometimes they do not disdain them). Here in this segment we have «PARTIZANS».

What does the guise of partisans mean?

Since almost all of us are from the glorious Soviet era, we know that partisans are such quiet people who imperceptibly do their business for the time being until they throw out the scarlet banner and do not rush into the attack. Simply put — a minimum of advertising, 3-4 plans with «taksebe» profit, the design of the site «imperceptibly-no.» They live longer than fasts, in fact, due to the fact that interest payments do not gallop across Europe, and there is at least some accumulation of a reserve fund that ensures the further work of the project.

Partisans tend to


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