Types of Cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrency is electronic money, which exists exclusively in digital form. This phenomenon led to the formation of a new economy, which develops and functions according to its laws. If at first there was only one digital currency — bitcoin, then after its rapid take-off began to appear different types of cryptocurrency. Some of them are clones of bitcoin, others represent the embodiment of a completely different algorithm, functioning according to its principle. How many types of cryptocurrency are there today? According to the data for this year, more than 1,000 different coins were recorded.

You can earn money on cryptocurrency, but this requires an understanding of the rules and the principle of work. In the world there are more than 50 exchanges that accept different kinds of crypto-currency and conduct operations with them. The largest are now BTC China, Bitstamp, MtGox and BTC. They set the value for different types of crypto-currencies and their rate for today. On the stock exchange, you can not only trade in cryptocurrency, but also exchange it for dollars or euros.

Everyone who has a cryptocurrency, can:

Invest in cloud mining (buy capacities with which to extract cryptocurrency);

Invest in a cryptocurrency for a certain period of time through exchanges.

Types of Cryptocurrency and their rate for today

The modern cryptocurrency, which prices are set by the market and the number of users, has been functioning since 2009. Now there are many crypto-currencies, each of which can become a source of profit for you. They have their own peculiarities and perspectives, which must be taken into account if you want to spend your time and money on increasing the number of coins.

The most popular cryptocurrency is types and prices:

BTC Bitcoin ($ 15789 +). The first and most popular at the moment, cryptocurrency. It is decentralized, all transactions are irreversible, the wallet is absolutely safe, transactions are conducted directly between the participants. He works on the block. Mining is possible. There is an issue.

ETH Ethereum (447 $). Takes an honorable second place after bitcoin. The technology of «smart contracts» is used. Works faster than bitcoin. Mining is possible. Has no issue.

BCH BitcoinCash ($ 1286). Fork bitcoin, which separated from him in early 2017. Almost completely repeats it except for two differences: 8MB blocks and the ability to change the complexity every 6 blocks. Mining is possible. There is an issue.

DASH Dash ($ 692). The bitcoin code was used to create, but in this case the transactions remain completely anonymous, and the system received additional protection. Commissions for transactions are minimal. Mining is possible. Issue is and is calculated until 2150.

LTC Litecoin ($ 94). It is the second version of bitcoin. It is characterized by the highest transaction speed. He works on the block. Mining is possible.

XRP Ripple ($ 0.21). Works on a different algorithm and represents a branched network. Operations are carried out instantly. Commissions for transactions are minimal. There is no mining.

IOT IOTA ($ 3.69). It is unique in its essence. This system makes it possible to conduct a huge number of micropayments without failures. There are no commissions. No blockage is used. There is no mining.

ETC Ethereum Classic ($ 25). This is another project from the developers of Ethereum, in which they try to achieve censorship, full decentralization, remove restrictions on operations and work with the system.

XMR Monero ($ 254). This cryptocurrency is not tied to any real, all the work with it is conducted on the network. It has good protection and guarantees the anonymity of operations. This cryptocurrency is highly liquid. Uses the CryptoNote protocol. There is an issue.

NEO NEO ($ 34). The new name of the old cryptocurrency. It is also called the Chinese version of Ethereum. There is a function of «smart transactions». Allows you to conduct a huge number of transactions for a minimum period. Commissions are small. It is characterized by rapid development, especially in China.

XEM NEM ($ 0.25). It differs by decentralization, rapid growth, high speed of operation, simple understandable wallet and software, and also good protection. Harvesting is getting.

Also there are DSH Dashcoin ($ 659), ZEC Zcash ($ 301), STRAT Stratis ($ 9.55), BTG BitcoinGold ($ 239) and many others.

How many types of cryptocurrency are represented in the virtual financial market — so many opportunities you have to make money for them. A correct assessment of the capabilities of a particular cryptocurrency will significantly increase its profits. I try to invest money carefully, because there is always a risk of failure, which I advise as well. However, mining can bring a good income without risk to the wallet.


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