The crisis of the HYIP industry?


«The industry is going through hard times» — I hear recently from some «experts».

Let’s think together, whether this is so and sort out the problems.

Quickstart & HitAndRun.

Projects are increasingly often called the fast scam. Those in which it was not possible to earn the promised profit for which we had hoped, despite the fact that we were among the first participants. And such participants that have come at the very start of the project more and more 🙂 HitAndRun it.

As a result, the promised profits are simply nowhere to be undertaken after a while, and not only administrators who are not guilty of developing the promotion strategy are responsible for this, but also we with you, as well as reflowers who can invite the people only in the first seconds, and by themselves creating complex working conditions this. Running, run all here! And then immediately advertise the next regular project)

Refback — another «evil.»

Why? Everything is very simple. No one will be invited to the project for free. In addition to the fact that this is not an easy job with people, it also often has its own costs, for a resource if it’s a blog, for all sorts of programs that would spam if you just send out mailings, buy advertisements, if we understand where and how to buy it , that would be the results. And the referral bonus in fact, should be a kind of salary of the activist. But as we know, this is not so because there is a refbe. What to do in this case to poor refodovam? The answer is obvious — you have to pay for the work in this case from the project administrator, and in advance — that is already a big minus for the stimulus to refrain. And do not say that the money that is paid is certainly not the administrator’s personal money, but the project balance that is needed to continue payments to us and our referrals).

Pseudo Leaders — grow like mushrooms.

And it really would be wonderful if from all this abundance of blogs, monitors, social groups, team chats and so on was the sense and the industry blossomed and smelled. And it turns out all the way around. This is an even greater amount of money spent by the project balance, and it’s pointless.

Why pay the sea of ​​money for listings that are not something that does not pay off but give only a minus? Why take an unthinkable amount of resources where (attention is paid!) The same audience!

Waves of the industry.

The Haip industry has already exchanged the first ten years, and has always experienced crises. As in all spheres of our life, everything goes on in periods, so here, if only because the HYIP industry is you and me. 🙂 A community that by its behavior shakes the industry or its «scam».

The crisis of the genre

Admins it’s time to change something. The same type of template projects, the same start, the same methods of promotion. All in one person in the end simply can not interest users even to be on the site is not something that would make money into it. Admins auyu! Where is your creative? Where is your courage after all? You become afraid and avoid difficulties, are afraid to start abruptly (and smoothly too!), Are afraid to put super-profitable interest even. Instead, the sea of ​​identical sites with no interest, the same texts, designs that only repel users instead of what would attract.

But, good news! Despite all this mess, there is no crisis! There are the above problems, which almost always were.

In fact, this period personally reminds me in many respects of the period when I started, namely 2 years ago.

There were often projects with legendary admins on horrible sites that paid excellent interest rates and gave out profits not only to the first arrivals. Previously, the legendary admins came from the MMM mainly, but now they are former agents with magical wallets that gained their audience and who finally wanted to work with such a convenient tool as a web site))

Now, as then interesting projects appear, advertisers, roar balls, matrices in which, by the way, there are no problems completely described above, and in which there are no hit ends — this simply does not allow marketing, no fee-free useless pseudo-leaders, people advertise themselves on their own desire. Closing and poorly working off admins who do not progress, do not dare not innovate — and that’s good! Experience them and the road is new and promising.

And still: less people — more oxygen. And there is. If now people do not go so fast into projects and with caution — this can only help the smooth development of the project. To begin with, it is necessary to earn trust and then to apply for super mega deposits from investors. But how else is that?

Personally, I do not observe problems with the influx of people. I see a lot of newcomers, a lot of people who correctly and honestly play, reinvest, invite friends thereby helping the project except for themselves. I see, and you see for yourself, projects that work for a long time and give you money.

And fast-moving — they always were and will be.

In general, stop whining and negating.

We also take into account that any crisis — has always been an excellent opportunity to earn skill and skill.

In the conclusion of wishes.

Admins: go for it, make interesting projects, learn and stop copying others, or even clone yourself even worse.

Repholders: Wake up and start refining in the end already! After all, by this you are helping yourself and your referrals. Work! The work here is no end. Especially now)

Investors: be individuals, do not do as others do, choose and think for yourself when, where and how much to go in and how to play.


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