STRAT StratisGood day. I do not know about you, but I really like to analyze new crypto-currencies, because they allow me to get a solid income and not work. If you are a new reader of my articles, then they call me Max Power, and I was able to earn my own capital at the expense of mining. Since I had a lot of free time, I decided to share my experience with others. Crypto currency in our time is no longer a fantasy, but a reality. Their cost and quantity is growing every day, which guarantees a good income. Given my great experience, I made one interesting conclusion. The younger the currency, the easier it is to extract, but the greater the risk of wasting time. That’s why I recommend you stratis. Strat is the short name of the official name. An interesting feature of this monetary unit from the point of view of the miner is its quality factor. It’s only been a year and a half since the release of stratis. Strat during this time experienced as an uncertain «growing up», and the rapid rise.

Short story

Issue this currency started in the spring of 2016. In the first six months, the project seemed a failure and I did not dare to start production. I regretted it in six months. Since the spring of 2017, the crypto currency has risen in price almost two hundred times. Yes, my disappointment was no limit. The secret of success of this monetary unit is a simple algorithm of production and the ability to extract it even on «home» farms.

At the moment, many large companies are interested in stratis. Strat crypto currency, which was able to prove itself well, but has not yet become too famous. However, among rumors there are rumors that this product is interested in Microsoft, which confirms the reliability of the monetary unit.

Technical side of the question

As in any other case, there is no doubt about the reliability of stratis. Strat crypto currency, which can not be stolen or confiscated, since each coin belongs to a specific «earner». Accordingly, you can only part with it voluntarily.

I’m a small specialist in algorithms or programming languages, so I’ll just bring the opinions of respected experts in the field that I found on the Internet, and then share my findings on this matter. Stratis strat, whose price is constantly growing, differs from others in that it:

The software for its production is written using NET technology in the C # language. From this and such interest from Microsoft. In addition, this greatly simplifies the process of setting up the farm, since different «dances with tambourines» are not needed to start it.

Use a cumulative approach to the issue of calculating profits. This is the fundamental difference stratis strat. The price of a coin is formed based on the amount of money each individual miner has. If you want to make a profit, then you will have to buy stratis initially.

The latter feature did not fit in my understanding of the question, so I conducted a redistributed study. And the conclusion was as follows. Stratis strat mining is not just mining on farms, as in bitcoin or many other crypto-currencies. A big profit is given to those who have more coins on their account. Accordingly, in order to effectively start stratis strat mining, you need to buy yourself this currency. Such an approach turned out to be ingeniously simple, since the cash confirmation of virtual funds passes at the expense of the miners themselves. On the one hand, it repels many newcomers, but on the other hand it is a guarantee of decentralization of control.

My personal conclusion

So, after analyzing the situation on the market, I can say the following. If you want to make a profit without attachments, then not for you stratis strat. The founder’s news is disappointing for beginners, as the price of one coin is expected to grow further. On the other hand, it is difficult to find a more profitable investment than stratis strat. News over the past six months suggests that the value of this currency is growing every day. This means that you can quickly get almost a double profit, but you have to spend money on the farm and buying the initial capital.

The cost of stratis strat at the moment is quite low, therefore almost everyone can start production quickly. In addition stratis strat, the rate of which is constantly growing, is a kind of deposit with very high interest. Given the interest on the part of large companies, the collapse of the crypto currency is not expected. But monopolization of the market is possible, which will make stratis strat cost lower due to the outflow of miners. However, such a forecast is unlikely. My personal opinion is that soon stratis strat course will jump a few more times, but then stable and proportional growth will begin. If you want to make a big profit, stratis strat buy is right now.


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