Site blocking and bypassing


Site blocking and bypassing

I’ve been thinking about writing about this for a long time or not. This article does not correspond much to the positive tone of my blog. But still I decided that it’s worth paying attention to it. As you all know, I do not live in Russia and do not really follow the events that are taking place in my homeland. But friends and acquaintances say that the situation with the blocking of sites goes through all reasonable limits.

Who does not know, at the moment in Russia a number of laws have been passed that allows many agencies to block any websites even without a court decision. Initially, these laws were made under the pretext of fighting pedophiles, terrorists or pedophile terrorists. In fact, it’s not like that at all.

If you look at the infographics // visual, the picture looks very sad. A huge amount of Internet resources have already been blocked, and this is just the beginning. If you think that exceptionally bad sites are blocked, then I will suggest that you remove the rose-colored glasses. Basically, sites are blocked for political, economic, moral and other reasons, which are weakly related to the law

Why did I decide to write about this in a blog that seems to have nothing to do with it? Yes, all because of the recent blocking of the BTC-e exchange, the Bitcoin trade exchange. Read the wording:

«This crypto currency is not provided with real value, does not contain information about its holders (all its use is anonymous). The turnover of bitcoins is provided by organizations and entrepreneurs that accept the crypto currency as a means of payment for the services rendered or the goods provided, or traders exchanging them for different currencies (rubles, US dollars, euros, etc.) on online exchanges. The absence of a monitoring center in the crypto currency systems entails the impossibility of appealing or canceling an unauthorized transaction, and actually finding a crypto currency outside the legal field does not provide an opportunity to implement legal mechanisms to ensure the fulfillment of obligations by the parties to the transaction. So, if payment is made, but the service or the goods are not received, then there is no guarantee of return of such payment. At the same time, because of decentralization, the bitcoins do not have a subject providing their conditional solvency. «

This phrase frankly alarmed me, because it can block any site that works with bitcoins, Perfect Money, and the site itself Perfect Money. And my blog too. Honestly, they do not even need to write any wording, it’s important that they can block any website at all, just by pressing the «block» button — these are now the laws in Russia.

Sooner or later it will start happening, so it’s important to be warned and armed. At first I wanted to describe the main ways of circumventing site locks, but then I realized that everything was already written and offered in a very convenient form.


If you do not open any site, then you here:


I hope this helps you, living in Russia to see the Internet as it should be!


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