RefbackHello! My name is Max Power. I would like to share with you interesting information. By accessing your accounts in VC, Twiter, Facebook, Instagram, Telegramm, Skype, you can see offers of cooperation and earnings through the Refback system. Today I’ll try to explain to you what it is, how it works on the example of one of your favorite sites —

What is Refback?

In simple words, this is a certain part of the amount that the referrer pays to you from your income. This payment is a kind of bonus for fruitful cooperation. On the site, the referrer pays half of his referral bonus. However, there are such projects in which payments are not made. You can read about this in information to a specific project. Usually this is indicated after general information. On average, such payments on the site can take about 24 hours.

How do I issue a Refback?

To order «Refback», you need to go to the application form. It opens in a new window. Then click the button «Order» Refback «. When filling out the application, be careful and make all the required data. Especially it concerns electronic purses. They should look like this:
Perfect Money: U1234567
Payeer: P1234567
Advanced Cash: [email protected]
Please note that you can use any mailboxes, except Otherwise, you will not receive confirmation of the transfer of the refbe to your email address. I advise you not to use this mail in projects. Then there will be no problems.
It is also important to have time to leave the application within two days after the deposit. Otherwise, you will delay the deadline, and such applications will be automatically deleted. I hope, I explained it is available. Invest in the future and choose proven sites, such as