Personal account on the blog and affiliate program!



I am glad to offer you the next update on the blog:

Personal account and affiliate program for friends.

From today, to order a refbank or compensation from the fund, it will be possible only through preliminary registration in the personal account of the blog.

This will significantly reduce the time and simplify the task for both you and me.

Of the amenities you can list a few basic:

When you make an application, you will choose your wallet from the list of your purses that indicated during registration or when you fill out the payment details, this will eliminate the possibility of an error in writing a purse.

A list of all your applications is always at hand.

You can see the status of your orders: completed, pending or rejected. In the case of a rejected application, you can also read the reason in the note.

E-mail notifications.

Now you will receive a notification of both the paid application and the rejected. In both cases, the name of the project will be indicated.

Well, the most important update is an affiliate program for friends

Many of you are active, call friends on my blog, telling about the benefits, about the reflexes and of course about the fund.

Now you can invite your friends to register under you in your account on your affiliate link and receive a monetary reward from the refunds received from any project where the refback is provided.

Your referral, participating in projects on the blog, acquires the same privileges as you:

Refback for each contribution to projects where refback is provided

protection of the fund and the right to receive compensation from an unsuccessful project in accordance with the rules of the fund.

For each refback ordered by your referral, you will receive a partner reward of 20% of the refund paid to him.

Example: Your referral contributed $ 200 to the Maya Group and ordered a refback. In this project, the refback is 10%, accordingly it is paid $ 20, and you will automatically arrive at the purse 20% of $ 20, that is: $ 4

Payment of partner remuneration is automatically made to your wallet * immediately after paying the refback to your referral.

* If you do not have a payment system purse in which the referral made a request for a refund, payments are made to one of your purse. In case the refback was paid in dollars to one of the dollar payment system, and you have a purse filled only in BTC, conversion at the BTC-E exchange rate is for sale. The reverse conversion is similar.

It seems that everything has been described, if there are questions, please contact

Register in the office, use and if you want invite your friends via the affiliate link. The link to the cabinet is already on the page about the refback.

P.S. To regular blog visitors: you can organize and register under each other, do not have anything against it

P.S. all tested of course, but if there are any glitches and errors, then write necessarily, we will correct.


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