News about starbit.nzHi, my name is Max Power. I want to share some observations. A month or two ago I saw a project that resembled a SuperKopilka. Everything was the same: office, options and marketing strategy. The first thing I wanted to say is the tracing paper. But, getting into the web project, I realized that there is no similarity.

The creators of the WiseDeposit project were partners, followers of the UK and used the same application and the same franchise as a part of the website. These were the most effective moments of the UK, ensuring the work of the project for many years.

This happened as follows. The programmer, who created SuperKopilku, wrote a book called «The technology of creating money.» The publication is filled with interesting facts and thoughts and reveals a number of moments («underwater reefs»), which are faced by those who invest in various projects. It was on the pages of the release that for the first time it was told about the franchise, a program that will allow implementing the most intricate ideas on personal computers using modern technologies.

I was impressed by the simplicity of the situation, told in the publication, so I quote the following quote almost verbatim:

«After the book was read, we, the team of programmers, discovered that the author’s goals coincide with ours. Therefore, the idea arose to become the initiators of the launch of a new achievement. I had to contact the authors to get permission to create the first project that would use the software they created. At the same time, the project should be based on innovative technologies. «

Negotiations were conducted for a long time. And only after all the points of the prepared franchise project were clarified, it was launched and named «WiseDeposit». The SuperCopilka team continues to monitor the development of the project and helps to manage it.

The project was launched on the Internet without «screaming» advertising, and immediately there were «pioneers» who have not gone from the pages of the website for five months already. This prompted new actions: about two months ago, banner advertising was launched on a new blog. But today you can make a review of Wisedeposit, open a window for feedback and the ability to register with everyone on the site

Project Overview

For general acquaintance with the project it is possible to offer the following characteristics:

is called Wisedeposit (;

was launched in mid-May 2017;

is classified as middle-interest;

Participation in work starts with a small contribution — $ 9, 55 $;

funds are withdrawn by the client;

At the end of the selected period, there is a deposit;

The refback is 5% of the contribution made.

Marketing support

The basis of the project is literate investment «zakoltsovka.» Deposits are opened according to the organized order: for one week, for two and further on an increasing line, up to 52 weeks. This allows you to receive weekly payments. The client is assigned the right to decide in what order to participate in the program. Do not forget to replenish your balance, otherwise there will be no payment. You can choose the minimum or maximum amount of the deposit. The funds deposited can not be more or less than the amount indicated.

I’ve been looking at the opening screen for deposits for quite some time, but then I decided. Clicking on the line «Open a deposit» gave him his name, replenished the balance by including the computer calculator.

Need to know

I decided to open the deposit immediately for a long time, 8 weeks. I did not use the first proposals, but I will make the next contribution for an even longer time.

After 13 weeks from the moment of my participation in the program, I will invest the entire amount of the deposit (investors call it «body») together with interest for a new term. This will be my reinvest. Subsequently, when the accrued interest becomes significant, I will be able to withdraw part of the funds, and the remaining amount will again work for me.

WiseDeposit project work system

The key point of the plan is financing:

the client makes a deposit by taking out the deposit;

the system returns to it the profit in percentage.

You can get acquainted with the schedule of payments on the web page in the article «Payment Schedule», where a weekly schedule is created. Clients, investing a certain amount, seem to support the financial plan of other investors. The table of deposits allows you to balance contributions and payments and to balance weekly payments. It is impossible to «wedge» in with a new deposit before the expiration of a week, because the limit on the amount of the payment has already been programmed.

An important rule

One of the important points of the program is that referral bonuses are counted only from newly received funds, «new money». We are talking about the funds that have not been accrued bonuses before. This rule is valid without exception, because the business project was launched with one intention — to promote growth and expansion of the conceived. Bonuses from partners are a reward for the pursuit of development. This reward can be:

increase in the number of deposits;

total amount of deposits;

increasing the number of clients.

For example — my deposits:

I made the first contribution of $ 100;

through the expired period I deduced 120 (20 $ are bonuses);

the whole amount of $ 120 invested again in the case (there is no referral reward, or a reflex);

the second replenishment was made at 200, so we should expect referral from $ 80.

Now I can divide the profit into two parts: one to myself, the second to invest in the program again.

It was unusual to see a few months ago a project with an absolutely identical cabinet, functional and marketing of the SuperKopilka project. My first feeling was that I had copied. But, as it turned out, this is not entirely true.

The administration of the WiseDeposit project is a follower of the acclaimed UK, as well as partners. The project was launched on the same franchise script. On the part of the UK there is all support for this new undertaking. From the UK was taken all the best, which is well proven in the project, which works for years.

And it all happened like this: the founder of the UK was written the book «Technology of creating money.» In addition to the fact that the book itself is interesting and many pitfalls that investors can face, it was in this book that a franchise was announced that will allow launching independent projects on software using these new innovative technologies. I quote:

«After the publication of the book, we were inspired by the goals and realized that they are common. We wanted to accelerate their achievement and become a part of this movement. That’s why we immediately asked to give us the opportunity to be the first project that will take advantage of ready-made software with the support of innovative technologies.

After long negotiations and finding compromises agreement was reached, and as a result we present you a new project WiseDeposit. We are the first project launched under a franchise, using this software. The team of Super Kopilka programmers gives us the maximum assistance in teaching and managing this ingenious invention.

New authors, realizing that the future was behind the franchise, turned to the creator of SuperCopilka about the desire to create a new project that will be supported by ready-made software taking into account innovative methods. The SuperCopilka team continues to monitor the development of the project and helps to manage it. «

The project has slowly started and continues to develop diligently, gradually gaining advertising. Stability pleases the participants for the fifth month (at the time of this review). And on this blog the project appeared in the form of banner advertising 2 months ago.

Marketing of the WiseDeposit project

The right investment in this project is opening of deposits according to the proposed procedure, starting from deposits for 1 week, 2, 3, etc. The goal is «zakoltsovka», namely, by opening gradually deposits on an increasing basis we come to that we receive payments every week as a salary. But no one forbids to participate as usual. It’s up to you.

For deposits, do not forget to refill the balance in the project.

There are a lot of plans, ranging from 1 week to 52 weeks. For all proposed plans, there are restrictions on both the minimum and maximum amount of the deposit. Screen for clarity. Everything is pretty simple in this regard, click on «Open a deposit» on the desired plan, give it any name and open a deposit. One or one after another, calculate the amount in advance and replenish the balance.

Reinvestment, or reinvest. It comes from the word «investing». In other words, you invest (invest) a certain amount in a business (project). At the end of the investment period, you receive a deposit body plus interest (profit). Reinvestment is an investment of the deposit body with interest again into the business, without withdrawal from the case.

Thus, you increase the next profit after the next deadline. This is especially advantageous when the profit is calculated as a percentage. There is also a partial reinvestment where a part of the funds is invested in the business, and some are deducted. It turns out a vicious circle, aimed at maximum profit.

Small nuances are that if you immediately go and open a deposit, for example, for 8 weeks, it is likely that all previous shorter plans will no longer be available and you will be able to open the next deposit for the longest period. Reinvest on the same plan is possible, only starting from the 13th week. Accept payment systems: Perfect Money, Nix Money, Advanced Cash, Payeer.


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