News about pinnacle.comHello, my name is Max Power, and I’ve been looking for ways to make money online. I was interested in bookmaker cantors. I learned that one of the most authoritative international resources is According to most independent world agencies, this site takes a leading position. Also attracted by the fact that «kicks» (so nicely called resource Russian-speaking users) works legally and has all the necessary licenses. Such openness and legality means that the site protects its users from scammers. I like this.

Let you not be afraid of the fact that the resource is English-speaking. It has a Russian version and has been translated into more than 20 languages. This became for me one more reason in favor of «kicks». It is interesting that after registration, «kicks» assigns you the login yourself, you have to remember it. This is not very convenient, but the big plus is that in this way the system protects personal data and your money.

Features of the «kick»

The first thing I noticed was a convenient and simple interface that was not overloaded with unnecessary information. For those who like big paintings and is fond of stakes «specific», not very popular sports, the resource does not have to like. However, here are all the major sports events and events, which I needed. «Chip» of this bookmaker office is influential customers. This is evidenced by the minimum amount of rates.

Also the site is attractive:

convenience and simplicity of rates;

high coefficients, if compared with other bookmakers;

a simple way to introduce and withdraw funds.

In addition to the standard sections on basketball, golf, football, boxing, etc., I found here slots, board games, bingo and much more. Those. the site is not limited only to sports betting events, but expands the players’ capabilities.

We should separately talk about the coefficients. On «kicks» they are the highest. And they are displayed in tables, rounded not up to tenths, but to hundredths. I did not see this on any resource. The site is careful to ensure that their interest rates are the best. After all, they have the largest customer base and are chosen by the best players from all over the world. Among which recently I have been.

Important nuance: before you make bets, pay attention to the top line and see if there are the usual «decimal coefficients» or, for example, the Hong Kong ones, because the site is very popular among the Asian public.

Minimum bids and withdrawal

You can enter money in any convenient way for you. I chose Webmoney. But you can also Kiwi, Coin and so on. The minimum bet is 1 dollar. But for WebMoney they have a minimum deposit of $ 10. This is provided, if your name and initials in your wallet are open. You can make bets larger than the dollar. If compared with other bookmakers, this is a fairly high initial rate. I recommend starting with the kind of sport or game in which you are most powerful. This will increase your success. I still put on football matches.

Pleased with the ease of withdrawal of funds. It should be noted that the resource «does not squeeze» money. And no matter how much you win, they will still pay the whole amount. If I’m not mistaken, one free withdrawal of money is allowed per month.

Once I had to use their support service. You need to write to [email protected] I asked the question in Russian, answered within 15 minutes.

In general, I recommend this resource to anyone who wants to try themselves in games, to check intuition and to earn not on a simple site, but on one of the best game resources of the world.


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