Hello, my name is Max Power. For a long time I was looking for a way to earn money on the Internet without risks and big financial investments. Has stopped on 1xbet — site of the bookmaker company which totals more than 400 thousand users. This way of earning I liked that you can make money without leaving home. And besides, I’m a gambler. I liked the site. I’ll tell you what the 1xbet office is like, how and what is better to bet, so as not to lose large amounts of money, and how to achieve success for a beginner.

Principle of operation

I opened the 1xbet site. This is a bookmaker’s office that accepts bets on sports games by:







boxing, etc.

And the stakes are not just for the victory of one of the teams or two athletes, but also such as the first goal, the course of the game, the handicap, etc. There are virtual games, casinos and so on. The work of the bookmaker office was quite simple: I bet on a certain event and get my win if my team wins or lose money. An important nuance: a large role in the amounts of losses or wins is the coefficient of a particular event. It depends on a number of factors, including the number of bets and the popularity of an event. But the amount of the win depends on how much you bet. The more, the better, of course. But this is always a risk. Therefore, I always advise you to start small.

Since I’m the best of all offered sports on the site, I understand football, I decided to choose this sport. Now I’ll tell you more about the site itself.

1xbet sport: what you like

Using the site, I can distinguish several of its main features:

A huge number of very diverse games. This will be beneficial for those people who are familiar with any of the proposed sports.

High coefficients.

User-friendly and simple interface.

Having a video channel, where you can always see the results yourself and cheer for the pets.

Easy withdrawal of funds.

A huge line of events. Their number per day can exceed 1,000.

I started making small bets on 1xbet for a start. I was afraid to lose, but after a couple of weeks I allowed myself to bet 100 dollars a game. But only in the event that I was 100% sure of winning the team.

To bet on 1xbet sport follows this way:


on the main page we look for the «Line» menu;

a list appears in which you find the sport you need and select an interesting event from the offered ones;

before you open a special line on which the coefficients will be offered, you need to click on the number you need (I clicked on high odds), after that your bet appears in the coupon;

Enter the amount of your bet (I advise you not to start with large amounts until you get into the system of work of the office);

Click on «make a bet»;

this amount is debited from your account, it will not be difficult to open it;

If you win, the site automatically credits you with the winnings, withdraw money in any convenient way.

Brought funds through WebMoney, but the site has many other ways. Takes all the time. It is very convenient not only to play, but also to withdraw money. You can try to start playing 1xbet for free, but you will not earn so much. If you are, of course, a beginner, you can try so. Wish you luck. This is the most important thing in this kind of earnings.


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