Good day, reader. If you are on my articles, then you are interested in earning money in the market of crypto currency. My name is Max Power, and today I have a solid income due to mining and trading on virtual money exchanges. I will say at once, I never studied anywhere, and nobody told me how to do anything. That’s why I decided to conduct my articles for you. All the ideas that I express are my personal conclusions. Agree with them or not is your own business. I just share my thoughts so that you can quickly master this profession and not allow my mistakes.

Which currency is best to mine

I’m sure that you’ve all heard about bitcoin and are surely thinking about its production. Unfortunately, I must disappoint you, since the circulation of coins has reached its maximum. This article will be devoted to unfamiliar for many Chinese crypto currency NEO. NEO is an independent monetary unit, not a fork of bitcoin. The most widespread it was in China, despite the ban on the production of virtual money in this country. The currency was born in 2014 and during this time, significantly gained in «weight». After the end of bitcoin approached, many miners began to pay attention to NEO. NEO due to this increased in value by almost twenty times. Such a rapid rise is due to the following factors:

The manufacturer has reserved half of all coins for further development of his company. This guarantees the serious intentions of the creator and the continued existence of the currency as a whole.

Ability to quickly convert virtual currency into real money.

Standard assembly of trusses. Mining NEO is carried out by video cards, therefore to pass to the new algorithm of a problem will not make.

But the most important factor in the popularity of this currency, I think the purpose with which it was created. The idea underlying the idea is to combine virtual money with real assets. This means that the mining of NEO is, in fact, the printing of real money. Another important feature can be considered, the purchase transaction of the currency. They can be carried out without making a deposit on the exchange.

Features of the production algorithm

As for many other miners, for me it is not so much an interesting algorithm of production, how many ways to implement it. Based on the requirements of the founder, NEO mining can be carried out on video cards, which has already become traditional for this sphere. Therefore, if you have already farmko bitcoin or other crypto currency, then the NEO mining will not require additional investments from you.

Accordingly, in order to start a business, you need to create a purse NEO, run the program and get your money. Naturally, all of your funds will be in complete safety. It is also worth noting that in order to create a purse NEO, it is necessary to authenticate. This means that you will always know who you are dealing with, which excludes the possibility of fraud. If you use the xmr monero exchange service, you can additionally guarantee your security.

Advantages of this currency

I for myself have already created a purse for NEO and appreciated the convenience of the service. From a professional point of view, I note that the purse for NEO with the owner’s ID is a very profitable option, since buyers will be sure of your reliability, which greatly simplifies the question of monetizing virtual money. In addition, the important advantages of the currency can be considered:

Fast speed of operations. At the moment, the block is generated within 15 seconds, but the real speed can be one second in the absence of ping.

Easy start. If you are thinking how to earn NEO for free, then you have a great opportunity to start farming without installing a farm. The so-called NEO crane (special site where you give out monetary units for simple actions) will allow you to save a small amount without investing money.

Technically, reliability of operations, rapid generation of blocks, etc. From all the documentation I read, I realized that it is easy to extract this currency, no one can take it, and sales purchase transactions are conducted under the control of other miners, which makes them safe.

Therefore, if you are thinking how to earn NEO for free, then you have a great opportunity to transfer your farm to a new algorithm.


Summarizing all of the above, we can draw one conclusion. The production of NEO, the course of which is constantly and rapidly growing, can become very profitable business. This unit can actually be farmed independently, but the speed will be lower than that of a serious server. I can not say that there is a better pool for NEO. The more reliable the server, the more speed, but also the percentage for its use. To find the best pool for NEO in our country is also difficult from the point of view of server remoteness, which will naturally increase the ping and lower the production rate. Of course, you can use the services of large cloud services, but your profit will then be greatly reduced. My recommendations are as follows. To get NEO, the course of which is constantly growing, it is necessary. Thanks to the fact that there is not one NEO tap, you can earn even from a mobile device. Currency trading is best at the xmr monero exchange, as it is a reliable service with a small interest per transaction.


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