Jsrenthouse (hyip project)


JSRentHouse is HYIP with an unusual legend.
They do not trade crypto currency, they do not do Forex trading.
They act as an intermediary in transactions with real estate.
The website is in order.
Lack of Live Chat and only 1-level affiliate program stops from investing large sums, but you can try with small deposits.
The legal registration of the company occurred in the first half of 2017, as shown in the documents.
There are some questions regarding this information.
But you all know that HYIP documents are not a big advantage.
Most importantly, how administrators treat customers.
The engine of the site works well.
It has some errors, small inconsistencies.

This can be considered a disadvantage, but, again, the goal of investing in HYIP is profit.
If you make a profit the project is good.
JSRentHouse offers 6 investment plans.
The maximum amount of investment in any plan is 50,000.
Minimum investment 20 US dollars.
I recommend investing half of the deposit in a 2.5% life-long plan, and half with a 120% (After 5-days) plan.
JSRentHouse also offers a 1-level affiliate program with a reward of 6%.
I can not say that it is generous, but it is more than in many popular projects.
There will be no profit from new customers invited by your partners.
The profile has nice banners that you can use to attract customers.

Title — Jsrenthouse com (from 103% a Day) Fresh Overview
Description — Review and feedback about https://jsrenthouse.com. Registration in the project with a profitability of 103% per day. A detailed analysis of the company from HyipMmgp.


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