Is it possible to earn money on Forex?


Why not?

Just do not tell investors that you have an adviser on martingale. You can ride the ears about the unique hedging strategy that you learned from a former employee of an investment fund. Or about a unique method of tracking the correlation of currency pairs on Forex, for which you hired 10 traders, and they are monitoring the market around the clock. You can come up with a lot of things.

Let’s say you started Forex Setka Trader, investing your own money $2500 . It gives an average yield of 20% per month. We collect investor’s money of thousands of $100 for the beginning (with a high percentage of profits for 2-3 months it is not difficult). We set our commission at an attractive level for investors, say 30% of the monthly profit.
What we get: we earned a profit of 20% per month for 100,000 dollars from investors. Those. $20000. Of these, 30% is our honestly earned commission. Those. we earned $6000 per month, risking $2500.

If a plum occurs, and the martingale can trade without a sink for a year and two, you lose your $2500. But you will have time to beat them up to this many times. Investors also lose their money, but this is their problem — according to the rules you are not obliged to them and you can not guarantee the safety of the funds.
And what if you collect a million dollars under it (this is quite realistic)? In this case, your income per month will be no longer $6000, but $60000. Not bad, right?
Work for you, incidentally, will only have the first week, then you will have to get up from the sofa only in order to remove the honestly earned. That’s all, good luck.


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