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Hello everyone, my name is Max Power. After long and vain attempts to make money online, I came across the site Prior to this on all kinds of social networks, I got to various options for earnings from advertising, but there was talk about quite scanty amounts. I will try to explain the most clear and simple language, what I did on the site, in order to make money without leaving home.

Assistant site

Before starting to invest and participate in free investment, I familiarized myself with the site As for a beginner, it seemed to me very difficult. However, after a while I already understood the projects and began to participate in them gradually. I must say that I did not take part in the exchanges and games. I was interested in advertising. First I took part in the Star5t project. It was a low-interest project. However, I had to try and start with something. If you step-by-step, then it looked like this:

It was registered specifically on this project (there are a lot of them on the website).

I bought a standard package for $ 5.

I posted advertising for my online children’s clothing store. The program allows you to do this for free.

I watch 3 ads in the catalog daily.

Then the money begins to arrive. I was not in a hurry to show them immediately, because I wanted to collect 20 standard packages to go to another level. The system turned out to be not so complicated. Then I was interested in the site itself, whose clients have a lot. How do they advertise projects and what is the system of cooperation for those who would like to invent something of their own? It seems to me that advertising on such a site would attract a lot of customers. Especially if it’s about thematic sites resources and events.

Buying advertising

On the site itself for those who are interested, you can place advertising. It can be a banner or a substrate. The site is very visited, it is noticeable by the number of reviews.

As for joint projects, they work on the partnership program, namely:

Consider your project. It is important that it is qualitative and promising.

10% of the contribution is taken for their services, 90% goes to the loss compensation fund, which will always protect you.

Begin its promotion.

If the project is interesting, then they post it to the blog, post payments, news, make newsletters to all subscribers. In short, twist. If everything went well, video reviews are added, an advertising company is created and maintained, including social networks. My project is still under development. I hope that the administration will have enough time and energy to get acquainted with it and decide whether it is worth paying attention or not.


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