How to remove bitcoinsGood afternoon, my name is Max Power, and I want to share the experience of putting out bitcoins, that is, cashing them. Having accumulated a certain amount of crypto currency, I had a need to change it to a regular currency, the bills of which will pleasantly crunch in my wallet. I will share with you several variants of the output of bitcoins.

Virtual exchangers

I believe that the withdrawal of bitcoins via a virtual exchange is the best way to convert a crypto currency. There are more such exchangers every day. There is a risk to run into scammers, so I advise you to use only proven services. I want to add only that due to the large number of such exchange points there is a lot of competition. Everyone is trying to offer a profitable course that will allow you to make a conclusion with bitcoin purse financially profitable. Let’s look at the most rated virtual exchangers.

Briefly explain what is the exchanger for crypto currency. This is a site where an individual can perform any transaction with a virtual currency. Through such a service, you can buy, sell, exchange digital money for money, for another crypto currency, and you can make bitcoin output to a bank or bank card. Some exchangers support different payment systems, and some only a couple of options. Another difference between exchangers is the difference in the time of the operation. If some services can instantly output bitcoins, then others need more time.

I will give some examples of exchangers that enjoy the trust of customers:

The ATM is open around the clock. Execution of the application takes place within 10 minutes, but the application will be deleted if payment is not made within 15 minutes.

24PayBank is an excellent exchange office with a good course. To conduct currency transactions, registration is not required. In this service, you can make bitcoins output to the bank card, converting them into any currency.

CashBank — this service is the leader in the top ten on monitoring bitcoin-exchangers. Here you can select any output options from Bitcoin purse.

F-change works without a weekend, transfers are very fast. The exchanger is suitable if you need to exchange a large amount. This service has excellent technical support, the phone of which is listed on each page, there is also an e-mail. — a semi-automatic sample service. It outputs bitcoins to the bank card, to payment systems, and it is also possible to exchange bitcoin for another crypto currency.

As I said before, there are a lot of such Internet exchangers. You need to choose a proven, profitable and convenient. This will help monitor, a service that is created for people who want to safely and profitably carry out transactions with the crypto currency. Here you will find a list of the most popular and trusted exchangers, also here they will indicate the principle of their work, schedule, course and customer feedback.

Bitcoin: withdrawal of money through the exchange

In a nutshell, I’ll tell you what the stock exchange is. This is a site where you can buy, sell or exchange crypto-currencies. The difference between the exchange and the exchanger is that there are many courses on the stock exchange, and many, so if you get there, do not rush to make a deal, but rather look around and find out more information. All exchanges operate on the same scheme, the difference can only be in service, course and commission. Here you can profitably sell bitcoin, withdraw money to the bank card, payment system or to an electronic purse in another crypto currency.

I will give some examples of known exchanges:

C-Cex — this exchange has a large number of options for entering and withdrawing funds, and also supports foreign payment systems.

EXMO — this exchange works with many payment systems, such as Kiwi, WebMoney, Yandex Money and many others.

Poloniex — the exchange does not support any payment systems, it only works with crypto currency.

YoBit — works successfully since 2015, here it is possible to get a free bonus in the form of coins of different crypto currency.

LocalBitcoins is a very popular exchange. Its counterpart is that it is possible to sell the crypto currency to a person who lives in your city or district. This happens personally and manually, and the calculation can be done in any way, electronic money or from a bank card.

LiveCoin is a young exchange with an excellent interface, which will understand even a very experienced client.

Bitcoin Cranes

Briefly I will tell you what taps are and for what they are needed, how they are used to bring bitcoin to the bank or payment system. These are sites that are strewn with advertising, and people who are always ready to earn extra money, register on these resources and start earning satosh (these are tiny bits of bitcoin). How to earn satoshi, I’ll tell you in a separate article, and now I will continue to talk about bitcoin cranes with a withdrawal to the purse.

I will describe a few bitcoins of cranes: is one of the bitcoins of cranes with a withdrawal to the wallet for 48 hours. The minimum number for output is 10,000 satosh.

FreeBitcoin — the oldest and most reliable crane, pays bitcoin earnings with a withdrawal on a purse on Sundays.

Ads4BTC is an advertising site that instantly outputs bitcoins to your wallet.

Moonbitcoin — this service bribes with its constancy, paying out funds every Friday-Saturday from 25000 Satoshi.

PrimeDice is a casino in which there is a bitcoin tap with output to the card.

MellowAds — another advertising crane, which distributes every day bonuses in the amount of 5000-10000 satosh to create advertising.

Such cranes — a very large number, the conditions they have different, but if you decided to try to earn bitcoins, then dare. Just try to find a bitcoin tap with output to the card. A plastic card for the withdrawal of funds can be ordered on the exchange, after having paid for it. Having received your bitcoin earnings on the card, you can not worry about withdrawing funds, because you can pay for the goods and services without crypto currency, without converting them into banknotes.


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