How to make money on Forex? Powerful tips!


Some companies provide an option, using which you can set a drawdown limit on the account. That is, in advance, when you with a cold head, evaluate your trading system, calculate the maximum drawdown and expose the limit with a small margin. This option will help you save money in almost any situation! When the drawdown on the account reaches the set level, all trades are automatically closed (you can not affect this process), the account is blocked for some time.

It is also effective in case of too emotional involvement in the trade, if in your head the fear, GREEDNESS and DESIRE reign! This is the worst thing! But the restriction exhibited in advance is effectively opposed, if the account is blocked, then there will be time to recover and become adequate, this is no less important. That’s how you can eliminate the total loss of funds.

With margin problems will not arise, shoulder brokers provide quite a large, can be divided into more parts. The bottom line is that if you make a mistake or because of emotions you can not control yourself and lose an account, you will have a part in the bank. If you earn, you get a percentage of as much as $ 100,000, but you will not be able to lose more than 50,000! Here is such simple arithmetic. In addition, there will be small guaranteed interest on half of your capital. Forex


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