How to evaluate and choose a project for investment


All greetings, inspired me again a little mood scribbling and decided to share thoughts on projects, their successes and failures, thinking on the run while writing.

In general, we discard immediately those projects that are launched, that would quickly collect money and close, inexperienced admins, schoolchildren and other unworthy attention.

We talk about projects where the administration has a desire to work, the ability to do, experience and intentions for a long period of work.

After all, what is a successful project?

This is the project in which investors, activists and administration should earn money, when all three categories were able to earn, it’s good to earn, then the project can be said to be a success.

The most interesting thing is that no one has a recipe for a successful project. No matter how thoughtful marketing was made, the site is technically good, beautiful design, etc. .. none of these components guarantees success. And even the presence of an experienced administration with past successful projects does not play a special role either.

All successful admins, which many of you are waiting with new projects, often had absolutely no results until the successful project, and it’s not the fact that the new project will succeed, it can happen quite the contrary, as statistics show)

Therefore, it is very foolish to be guided by appeals of this type: «The legendary admin of such a project», «He returned», «A new project from such an admin.»

All this is utter nonsense. Even if it was true and everyone will learn about the project from the beloved admin … this favorite admin admins will drop their hands. Because there is only one thing waiting for him in this situation — it is not realistic to pull out the chime, and the scam will come very quickly.

And the admin will turn from a loved one into a hated one. I already saw this 100 times.

Well, then how to navigate when choosing a project, you ask What to look at?

If you ask me, I will answer not hesitating for a long time that it is necessary to look at how the project comes into the people, into the masses. After all, the project works only because of us, investors and if it fell in love, then people invest, call friends and friends, advertise and strongly support leaving feedback, gratitude, enter discussions and generally support the project. Thus, the project is gaining popularity, it is searched in search engines, its advertising is gradually visible more and more, about it we are spammed into a personal all to whom not laziness))

One of the components of this mass interest and rumors is very often a generous referral program, because it’s more pleasant to call for a good project and get 10%, 15% or 20% of the referral bonus than .. well, a good project, but let’s say 3%

For this, to get out to the masses, of course you need time. From this it follows that you can not run headlong into projects that have just opened up, on the contrary, it is worthwhile to observe how the whole project was perceived, both experienced high and beginners, to see the first days if there are no technical difficulties in the project, because to test all the functionality of the site without living people and without real problems is not such an easy task.

Therefore, even if the hands are pricked to throw money faster in the project, it is more reasonable to stop and observe for a while how the people will perceive the project, whether it will be picked up by advertisers, how the administration behaves, how support responds and, in general, for all sorts of trivia.

By the way, about the advertisers and how to pick up the project, here too its nuances.

If everyone comes at once, this is not good. Too much activity in the first period of the project and the excitement will only make things worse, everyone will run in the very beginning, and then silence, because most of the activists prefer to advertise at the start and then switch to the next new project.

Everything needs a measure in common

Experienced admins, of course, are aware of all this and do not sleep, but take all possible measures to ensure that the project develops smoothly, evenly and incrementally, often using and practicing methods such as:

  • — Start with unpopular payment systems and connect more popular gradually.
  • — Flexible marketing with a floating interest for example, which at the start is usually unattractive that would not run all the way down just creating difficulties, and only then improve the conditions making them more appetizing.
  • — create themselves artificially technical difficulties, even)) lay down the site, simulate the doss, disconnect the reception of funds, which would scare off the crowd and how to maintain smoothness.
  • — start whenever possible anonymously, that no one would shout about the most legendary admins.

Well, many others.

In fact, all that I’m writing now is probably a tiny fraction of the knowledge base in the HYIP industry, but it can already significantly help to understand and facilitate the choice with this or that project.

(All this in general you need, if you yourself with a mustache) And so, basically I do this and based on these and many other subtleties I offer you a project for investment.)

After you have watched all this porridge and if there are more pluses than minuses, you can already think about the deposit, but to start with a better small amount, you need to be able to endure))

Well, the project deserves to earn large deposits by its work, even if it takes a couple of laps, will make money, and then we will return to observations and if the development continues, if the project is also advertised, then it is possible to play with no children’s sums.

How can you see that the project has an influx and interest?

Of course, the administrator does not look at the cashier’s office, in purses too)) Therefore, we look at blogs, forums, monitors, etc. reviews about referral and deposits.

We look if the blogs, advertisers who came in at the beginning, also continue to promote the project, or even if they are already doing a new novelty (and this usually happens in 90% of cases), at least it is clear that the referral they also go as before.

Google, we are looking for a project in social networks, in YouTube, and indeed everywhere. We try to notice if the project is advertised not only in the CIS, or if in general advertising is not in a narrow circle of regulars, but also not the standard of Hiiper resources.

Well and proceeding from these data which even if do not reflect a full reality, but fine help, we do a conclusion and we decide to participate further or not.

I do not even know how to finish this article, frankly, because you can talk about it and talk about it and there will still be some nuances that will not be taken into account, therefore … I end it so, and if you still have questions, ask them right here in the comments and also answer if you know the answers)

Well, of course, I will answer all of them. Invest smart, invest with passion and playfully, invest with positive and everything will be fine.

Super earnings!


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