How to earn crypto currencyHi, my name is Max Power. In this article I will reveal to you the secrets of making cryptocurrency. This is one of the most relevant topics for today. Electronic money is reliably protected by advanced technologies and can not be controlled by any government. But at the same time they can pay for goods and services on the Internet, actively multiply them and even bring them to the map. In this article we will consider:

Cryptocurrency: how to earn it without investment;

cryptocurrency bitcoin (how to earn it without leaving home);

Cryptocurrency ether: how to make money and what is its difference from bitcoin;

How to make money on the cryptocurrency;

How to earn a cryptocurrency on a video card.

How to earn cryptocurrency from scratch?

Start over. To understand how to earn cryptocurrency from scratch, let’s look at several working methods:

to acquire cryptocurrency and earn on its growth;

to extract it with the help of «cranes».

During the year 2015, the growth rate of bitcoin was + 37% for the year, and already in 2016 this indicator increased to + 129%. As you can see, only in the standby mode you can earn a lot of money on the course of the cryptocurrency without problems. To this end, register in the binomo system. Thanks to her service, you can easily make the necessary operation for earnings and unhindered withdrawal of profits from the growth rate.

Cranes are a variant of earning a cryptocurrency for beginners, since no investments are required. To earn the first money — you need to register on a special website, after which it is stable to view advertising and enter captchas, receiving a small income for this crypto. In principle, after a quarter, you can already make a withdrawal of funds. Yes, money does come to the account, and you can withdraw them, but it’s a penny, given how much time will be spent on the whole process.

Crypto-currency: how to make money without investments

For those who want to earn without investing, there is a mining. In simple language, mining is like extracting minerals, in which the cryptocurrency itself falls into your hands, as a reward. The essence of the process is the organization of the so-called «farm». To do this, you will need a powerful computer with a lot of expensive video cards, for which special software is installed for a certain type of cryptocurrency you need.

It is worth paying your attention to the fact that the advantages of this «farm» are less than minuses. For example, the cost of organizing this miracle-technology will result in 1.5 million rubles, or even more. The expenses will pay off not so soon, and the constant upgrades of the system and the lack of serious knowledge of the whole process, how to earn a cryptocurrency on the video card, will further complicate the situation.

But you can go the easier way, using the cloud-mining service and simply buying the power from those who have them. Already after the first six months you fully pay back the investment, without possessing any special knowledge or expensive equipment. In addition, there is no binding to only one type of cryptocurrency. Of course, there are also disadvantages in this scheme:

money deposits are frozen for a year;

There is a commission for withdrawal of funds;

money is only withdrawn in the cryptocurrency;

there is a probability of hacker attacks;

The data center may be damaged.

To take part in this business and become a cloud miner, it does not take much knowledge, experience, and, most importantly, money. This is a good option for a promising start for those who are attracted to the cryptocurrency, but who do not yet have a lot of knowledge about how to earn it online.

How to earn on the exchange cryptocurrency?

Here everything is very simple, especially if 24-hour monitoring of currency fluctuations and currency quotes does not bother you at all, but even puts it on the contrary. Having passed the registration procedure on one of the exchanges, you should replenish your account, then catch the lucky moments, buying or selling the cryptocurrency. Of course, in order to get a weighty profit, it will be necessary to invest a lot.

The price of entering the system depends only on your wishes. Possessing an average luggage of knowledge, you can double your capital literally in one day. In addition to the advantages, there are certain disadvantages of such a system, for example:

Commissions in the process of financial transactions eat a lot of money;

difficult to replenish and withdraw money;

You can go broke by taking one wrong step.

In addition to intra-exchange trading, you can also earn on the difference in the cost of bitcoins beyond its borders. Sometimes it can reach as much as $ 200. Having bought on one stock exchange, more likely sell bitcoin on another where it costs more expensively. That’s only for the implementation of this operation it is necessary to have at least 1 whole bitcoin in ownership. So, how to earn on the exchange cryptocurrency we have already figured out, let’s consider now more passive options for profits from electronic money.

How to earn on the Cryptocurrency in the standby mode?

If the maximum for which you have enough time is to acquire a cryptocurrency and register in the system, but at the same time you want to have income from it, then you can go in two ways:

Invest in the money portfolio of the «manager» with your money. The income from the event can be 18-40% per month. To this end, entering your personal account on the exchange’s website, by carefully analyzing the activities of the potential «manager», choose your own. The minimum entry is from 10 dollars. Penalties for early withdrawal of funds from the portfolio of the manager will be large.

The simplest method of all is the purchase and storage of cryptocurrency in your electronic wallet. This scheme is similar to the contribution to the bank. After a while, the Cryptocurrency will increase in price, and you will earn on the difference. Of course, there are no guarantees against hacking the wallet by hackers, and within 12 months withdraw funds will not work.

Cryptocurrency ether: how to make money

In addition to bitcoin, there are several other crypto-currencies. The second most popular cryptocurrency was the etherium. This is not only an exchange cryptocurrency unit. Efirium can be used to pay commissions, transactions and all kinds of services that are made in the network Ethereum. You can earn the air in the same way as bitcoin — with the help of cranes or the mining system.

Crypto-currency: how to earn — sites to help:


cloud mining:;;;

Having a great desire, assiduity and knowledge will allow you to turn mountains and earn very good money at the cryptocurrency without leaving your own home. The main thing is to remember that miracles happen. He who goes forward to his dream, always succeeds. I am convinced of this by my own example, which is what I wish for you.


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