How to buy bitcoitsHello, my dear readers. My name is Max Power, and I want to talk with you about how and where you can buy bitcoins. In my opinion, an ordinary person can buy bitcoins without having the skills or super abilities. To do this, you need to take a few simple steps. I will tell you about the most famous ways to buy bitcoin. But that’s not all. Also I want to tell you about where to buy bitcoin cache and, of course, I will introduce you to the new crypto currency bitcoin gold. I really hope that I will answer all the questions and I will open the question where to buy bitcoin gold?


You can buy and sell bitcoins through special exchange points, which can be found on the Internet. In these exchangers, you can also perform an operation to exchange bitcoins in any monetary currency, you can convert any virtual money into bitcoins, for example, «Yandex. Money «to change to bitcoins, webmoney or vice versa. Of course, such operations are not free of charge, each such service takes its interest, which ranges from 5 to 10 percent.

But I can add that every day such specialized exchange points become more and more, thus provoking competition between them, which leads to a decrease in the cost of customer service. I, of course, recommend using the services of proven services, as it is very easy to stumble on scammers.

Below I will describe a few good services: — this site provides about 20 options for withdrawing money, buying or exchanging. Registration is not needed here, and a pleasant bonus will be a system of cumulative discounts, which depends on successfully performed operations. The exchanger operates around the clock, applications are accepted by operators, the time of one operation is 5-15 minutes. — this exchanger converts bitcoins into any currency and displays them on payment cards, also on the currencies of payment systems and vice versa. If you need to buy bitcoins, here you change money for them. Very fast service, the processing time of the application is about 2 minutes. For operations with a plastic card you need a settlement account or card number and full name, and to manipulate electronic purses you need to specify either the purse or e-mail.

BaksMan — almost everything here, as on, but the speed is even faster. For registration in this service immediately accrue a discount of 0.05%, which is very nice in itself.

ProstoCash is a very interesting exchanger. Requests minimum information about the client, which allows you to maintain anonymity, if for someone it is important. The service works with all kinds of bitcoins.

WMGlobus — this service has a large number of customers and I think that it is trustworthy, because the volume of convertible currency is more than 15 million dollars.

I can add that there are a lot of such services. Only you decide where it is advantageous to buy bitcoin.

Exchange to buy bitcoins

The exchange is another option where you can buy bitcoins. Briefly I can say that the exchange is the place where a person can conduct any operations with a crypto currency, for example, exchange it for any other virtual currency or the world currency. Also, on the stock exchange, you can make a bargain or purchase that is profitable for you, having paid off the bitcoins. Simply put, you can spend or buy bitcoins on the stock exchange.

Here are a few names of fairly well-known exchanges:

• ЕХМО — this exchange has been operating for a couple of years and has proved itself well. It is very simple to buy or sell any crypto currency, in particular, bitcoins. is a young stock exchange with good reviews. On this exchange, they can also buy and sell all kinds of bitcoins.

LocalBicoins has been working since 2014. Has a very user-friendly interface, it will understand even the beginner.

St.-Sekh has been working since 2013 and differs from previous ones in that it supports foreign payment systems.

Poloniex has been operating since 2014. We can say that this is one of the most popular exchanges. It mainly deals with crypto-currencies, and its popularity is proved by large turns of the currency.

SpectroCoin — only two crypto-currencies, BitCoin and DASH work here. After ordering a plastic card, you can recharge it with bitcoins right from the stock exchange.

From hand to hand

Bitcoins can also be bought from the hands. If there is an individual willing to sell the Crypto currency, you negotiate with him and make calculations. The next step is the transfer of money, the field of what the bitcoins are transferring to you. Transaction transfer of digital money can not be canceled, so this sequence is due. But this purchase and sale has a high percentage of risk, so few people practice such trade, I also do not advise you.

Bitcoin cache and bitcoin gold

Let’s understand where to buy bitcoin cache and what is it? Bitcoin cache is a new virtual currency that appeared on August 1, 2017. These digital money can be exchanged for another currency, for example, bitcoin, and with this currency you already know what to do. Bitcoin Gold is a completely new currency, it appeared on November 1, 2017.

Where to buy bitcoin gold, I’ll tell you now. With this currency a little more difficult, because it is quite young. Holders of bitcoins Gold can buy it all in the exchange and in exchangers. Virtually all the exchanges described above work with all kinds of bitcoins.

In conclusion, I want to add that bitcoin appeared in 2009 and it cost 0.1 $ for a coin. Throughout the course, the exchange rate has changed, as of December 2017. it costs $ 7000 for one unit. Although there are many opinions and further predictions about the life of bitcoin, but whether to invest in crypto currency or not is a personal matter for everyone. Looking at the rate of this currency, then why not? I wish you success in your work.


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