Forex for beginners


Forex is a world currency exchange where you can sell and buy various currencies. The turnover of forex is several trillion dollars a day, i.е. This is a very developed, liquid market, i.e. a market where you can at any time (during working hours, of course) sell and buy virtually unlimited amounts of this or that currency.
Initially, forex was created purely for banks who need to buy or sell any currency for their own needs or at the request of customers. However, then, thanks to dealing centers (DCs), providing access to forex market to all comers, the market «overgrew» private traders and other participants who want to earn money on Forex.

Time of work of the forex exchange

Forex is open around the clock on weekdays. Bidding starts at 2 am (Moscow time.) Nights from Sunday to Monday and ends at 1 in the morning from Friday to Saturday. Trading time is divided into sessions — Asian (from 2 am), European (from 10 am), American (from 16 hours). Bidding does not stop there, but between sessions there can be a lingering, indefinite movement. Looking ahead — to trade better when the market «woke up», i.e. when it is sufficiently mobile and there is a pronounced direction.

What is required for earning on Forex. Perhaps you saw on TV traders who are standing and something hysterically shouting, waving their hands and talking on the phone in parallel. These are the so-called «traders in the pit», «traders on the floor.» I hasten to please you, that it does not threaten you. Go to America and «trade in the pit» you do not need. You can trade via the Internet remotely.

Purely technically — you only need a computer and the Internet, and you can trade by sitting in pants at home or from anywhere in the world where there is Internet.



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