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Hello, my name is Max Power. Already for a long time I earn on the stock exchange cryptocurrency and want to share with you my experience. Online stock exchange Cryptocurrency is a site where you can sell or change the Crypto-currency for real money (euro, dollars).
If you are planning to make trade with the cryptocurrency on the exchange your main way of earning, it is advisable to pass verification. I verified my account in order to earn money on the Exchange’s website without hindrance.

Types of exchanges

Brokers. On such resources, the user can freely acquire crypto-currencies at the cost set by the broker.
Sites for direct sale. These resources help users find each other in order to carry out transactions in the future. There is no fixed exchange rate for such services.
Trading floors. These are sites that help the seller contact the buyer or vice versa. The Exchange exchanges fees for the service.

What factors should be taken into account when choosing a cryptocurrency exchange?

  1. Payment options. Pay attention to what payment methods the platform uses. Transfer from one card to another? Yandex money? PayPal? If there are very few options, then the exchange may be inconvenient to use.
  2. Reputation. Before you start earning on a particular exchange, you should carefully study information about it. Feedback from Internet users will help. The rating of exchanges in the Internet can also help determine the choice. It is better to stop the choice on official sites of stock exchanges cryptocurrency.
  3. Restriction on the place of residence. Certain opportunities on the exchange may not be available to residents of certain regions.
  4.  Exchange rate. The exchange rate depends on the selected exchange. Having made the right choice, you can save a lot of money. Sometimes the rate may differ by 10-12% or more. In order to learn more about the current courses, I recommend carrying out an independent review of the stock exchanges.

How to start trading in crypto-currencies?

To start to make real profits on the sites of stock exchanges, you should first practice on virtual money. After you have practiced enough time, you can proceed to the following steps:

  • Register an electronic wallet and deposit money for the exchange.
  • The optimal time to purchase currency — when almost the entire market falls. This means that the value of the cryptocurrency will soon increase.
  • Next, you must fill out a sales order with a value of 5% more.
    Thus, I often managed to get a profit of 100%.
    It is difficult for new players to achieve such results, so do not be sorry for the lost money.
My recommendations for those wishing to earn on the exchange

For those who wish to succeed on the stock exchange, it is always worth keeping calm and not falling into despair. There is a high probability that the fallen currency will grow much in price tomorrow. You should listen to the forecasts of professional traders, but they should not be completely trusted. I always relied on my intuition and believed my own observations.

Best Currencies Exchange

Many novice players are asking themselves: what is the best currency exchange? I made a rating of the stock exchanges, which are now the most popular.

SpectroCoin. The biggest advantage of trading with the cryptocurrency on the Exchange SpectroCoin — a lot of ways to withdraw funds (about 20). The exchange gives users the opportunity to issue an official bank card.
S-seh. Exchange with a good reputation, which has been operating for a very long time.
Poloniex. Exchange for experienced players who seriously decided to deal with earnings on crypto-currencies.
YoBit. The platform has appeared recently. Its distinctive feature — there are more than three hundred varieties of cryptocurrency. Players are offered bonuses for registration.
LocalBitkoins. All transactions occur between players directly, without intermediation. This allows you to get great benefits.

When you have enough experience, you will be able to quickly distinguish a good stock exchange, but in the beginning of the way I advise you to choose a platform from the list of top stock exchanges.
Earning on the stock exchanges is not only profitable, but also very interesting, so if you are ready to follow trends and develop in this direction, this is an excellent option for earning.


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