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Kind time of the day, friends. My name is Max Power. Many of you already know me, some do not. For those who do not know me, I will tell you a little about what I do. I earn good money on the Internet, I test new approaches and niches, I try to be the first when new methods of earning appear. Then I scale the result. And so on a circle. And all the information I have received, I share with you in articles, so that you can earn good money on the Internet and can do it not just as an underwork, but as the main source of income. Today I will write again about earnings on crypto-currencies. Recently I tested another known crypto currency (ETK) EthereumClassic and today I want to write about it. This is what I will write about in this article:

General information about ETC EthereumClassic;

ETC EthereumClassic course;

How to get an ETC EthereumClassic wallet;

Mining ETC EthereumClassic;

Where to buy ETC EthereumClassic;

ETC EthereumClassic chart;

ETC EthereumClassic forecast;

Mining on the video card ETC EthereumClassic gpu.

General information

ETC EthereumClassic is based on Ethereum, after the developers work on the errors of previous versions. And Ethereum Classic proved to be so good that many were surprised when immediately after the appearance of the exchange Poloniex added it to the auction. And he added the first of all. But in the first few days of trading Ethereum Classic grew almost 250%, overtaking even Ethereum. But, as it later turned out, such rapid growth was the result of the machinations of traders. His course was changing rapidly, but many had time to make good money. And now it is clear that the ETC EthereumClassic rate is constantly growing. Yesterday, it again rose by 10% and the forecast of famous miners shows that it is not going to fall.

How to make ETC Ethereum Classic a wallet

But there is good news. EthereumClassic is exactly the same as the Ethereum purse, with slight differences. Depending on how you use ETC, there are different options for wallets. This is also an online wallet (I used the Classic Ether Wallet). This is one of the fastest ways to create it and get quick access to the currency. It can be an exchange purse with the most serious algorithms. It is suitable for those who plan to store their ETC for years and wait for a rate increase in order to sell it more profitable.

Where to get Ethereum Classic

You probably have a question: where can I get EthereumClassic? The easiest way is to buy ETC EthereumClassic. But there is also a more attractive: mining. To start mining, you just need to select a pool for mining and download the ETC miner.

Mining on the video card ETC Ethereum Classic gpu

It can be used on both nvidia and gpu as well as ETC EthereumClassic amd. Mining can be done on claymore ethereum classic and it is configured the same for both cards. Now it remains only to wait until the minimum amount for withdrawal is typed. For each pool, it has its own.

What’s next?

Before the start of mining you will need to find out the necessary data for the correct forecast. This is the ETC EthereumClassic chart and the ETC EthereumClassic forecast. To do this, there are many sites where you can find recommendations and accurate data. I recommend that you do not take information from only one source, but collect data from several resources and conduct a full analysis of the growth or fall of the crypto currency.


Well, I think that the information that I have collected and shared can be useful to you. I want to say that mining crypto currency requires not only suitable equipment, but also skills. So have patience and read more information. Even if you did not immediately manage to earn on the mining, do not despair and have patience. If ETC EthereumClassic today fell, then do not immediately rush to sell currency. Tomorrow, it can jump to dozens of points. My experience shows that the crypto currency is constantly changing its course, you just have to learn how to track it and react quickly.

I am sure that having read all of my articles, you will not only enjoy the earnings on the crypto-currency on the Internet, but also be able to enter into a permanent good income. Good luck to all, follow my next articles.


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