Earnings on HYIPs


On the Internet, you can often find descriptions of different ways of earning. One of them is earning on haypah. But is it easy, and it’s easy to make money on them?

In theory
HYIP is a disguised financial pyramid, which has its own legend about business in some area, so-called pseudo-investment. Naturally, 99% of all HYIPs do not do anything like that. Payments are made solely at the expense of the contributions of the following contributors.

Many HYIPs promise not a bad income in a relatively short time, guarantees of return of funds and so on.

On practice
Everything is not as rosy as it seems at first glance. All the promises of earnings and guarantees are just a shell, as part of the legend. Yes! You can really make money on the haypah, but do not believe every promise. All this is just an advertising move. Only compliance with certain rules will allow you to earn relatively well in this area.

How to choose a HYIP for earnings

Over time, each investor will begin to look closely at the HYIPs. He will have his own criteria for selecting potential HYIPs. Someone will be alarmed by the lack of ssl certificates or flaws in the design. Someone does not like the presence or absence of one or another payment system. But here lies a nuance: for a beautiful wrapper can hide completely not a solvent project. A mediocre project without any frills honestly pay the entire cash desk and will work more than one month.

  • Site design.

One of the most controversial moments, because everyone has different tastes. At a minimum the site should not be repelled, there should be convenient navigation and everything should be «soundly» done.

  • Legend texts.

Take time to study the content of the site, if the site is full of errors — then this is not a very good indicator. Analyze the legend, how original it is and whether a HYIP with such an approach can come to the liking of the masses. You can also estimate the unique volumes of «scribbling», how much the admin has invested in creating all this legend.

  • The script.

GoldCoders or HScript — there must be a license, if it is not, then you can safely close the page. A great advantage for a HYIP will be a unique script, which means that more resources have been invested in the project, and it will take time to recoup it, so the project can work longer.

  • Protection.

The project must have ddos ​​protection. Almost all successful HYIPs are done and if the site «lies down», then the panic is likely to destroy the fund, so any smart administrator who came for a long time, necessarily puts the ddos-defense. If it is not, then either the budget is weak, or the admin is inexperienced, well, or the admin does not care and he will sketch the project for any first problem.

  • Payment systems.

Here I will express a somewhat subjective view. It used to be, the more payment systems, the steeper, then the flow of funds will be all in chocolate. Now if the HYIP starts, and starts well, with advertising, beautiful design and a mass of payment systems, it is more likely that it will be thrown out of the start (mass entry) and further the flow of new investments will be sharply reduced, and then there are two problems at once.

Firstly, the administrator can rip off the initial funds from such an influx of initial funds and he will cover the shop ahead of time, and secondly, a too sharp drop in investment in comparison with the initial stage can ruin the project, as there will not be a proper growth in the inflow, and there will be nothing to do to pay. Therefore now, if the project starts right away, abounding in a mass of payment systems, then it is more a bell to be more careful with investments. Therefore, experienced admins recently start with 1-2 payment systems, and then add new and new, thereby controlling the growth and delighting with new good news that they work well and constantly introduce something new.

I will say even more, recently «quirks» have become such a big problem that some projects start with 1 payment, and it is by far not the most popular, for example, bitcoins. And only through time they connect PerfectMany, Peer and other much more popular payment systems in HYIP circles. The main thing is that there was growth, so if possible, it is worth to learn the administrator’s plans, his plans for the development of the project. Fortunately now many bloggers like to interview the admin or share insider, be closer to the admin and this lure yourself in referrals. If the administrator is a freak, and is going to work with only one payment, then I would bypass such a project (except perhaps bitcoin), there should be at least a few payment systems, but they should be introduced gradually.

  • Phone.

The chip, no more. The presence of the phone — it’s good, if it’s not there, it’s also good :). I would call it a pleasant trifle, nothing more.

  • SSL.

If it does not exist, if you see «http:» instead of «https» in the address bar, in most cases you can close the site. The project accepts money without encrypting the data and therefore does not care about your security.

  • Online support.

But I think this is important in detail, I always pay attention to it, even I advise you to check support, write and ask a couple of questions, check how quickly and well you will be answered. Situations when you have to write in support, are, and are quite often.

  • Documents, licenses.

Also pleasant little things, these are additional costs for the admin, therefore, according to the classical analysis of HYIPs, it is considered certain indicators of the quality of the site, in practice there were a lot of HYIPs with documents that very roughly skilfully threw almost all. Nevertheless, the presence of documents of an officially registered company attracts newcomers and foreigners; in such haypas, the level of trust of depositors is much higher, accordingly, more deposits, and the deposits themselves hold the project.

  • Offices.

I consider it a very important indicator of a good HYIP, in fact, there are very few HYIPs with offices, they start off with offices in general. It is worth paying attention to the offices that you actually saw, that is, someone visited, posted a photo report, etc. If we are talking about a phantom office in the center of New York, which nobody has seen in the eyes, then treat this only as a beautiful legend no more.

  • The face of the admin.

Basically, all the admins hide their face, and in the rollers are often just actors. People are almost always shown only in low-interest groups, in the type of social projects. If the admin is openly communicating, this is a plus, there is a chance that hyip will work at least a couple of-two. But even here there were a lot of brazen pews, where, with all the openness of the admin, the project did not go through a circle either. What I like about open admins is that sometimes you can appreciate a person, listen to how and what he says, how he behaves, and I’ve often helped avoid a scam, without investing in projects with a «dumb» admin

  • Development on the Earth.

Personally, I consider this a very important point. First, the potential audience of potential contributors increases many times, and secondly, these potential investors with a very different philosophy of investing, they do not derive money convulsively after the first round of running into another project, and often increase deposits and make reinvestments. The Internet audience on the Internet has narrowed so recently that development on the ground is becoming an increasingly important point of the project development every day.

Remember the main thing: no matter what type of HYIP it is — design, marketing, etc. — without a constant influx of funds and support from the masses, there will be no sense from all this. Therefore, first of all, evaluate the growth, whether people go to the project, whether there is support among top-end bloggers, reflowers.

Rules for investing in HYIPs

The success of investments depends on the observance of a number of rules:

  1. Perhaps the most important rule is to invest as much as it is not a pity to lose. It may well be that today money has been invested, and tomorrow the site has already closed. Therefore, you need to soberly assess the amount invested. However, the higher the deposit amount, the more often, the more favorable the investment conditions.
  2. It is not very desirable to invest all funds in a single HYIP. It is worth considering the diversification of deposits.
  3. It is very useful to combine different kinds of HYIP, for example low-interest drugs (up to 15% per month) with cardiac patients (16% to 60% per month) and high-yielders (61% per month). In addition to earnings on HAIPs, one should also have income in other areas, for example, forex or options. At least five guarantee success. Something like diversification by the way of earnings.
  4. Formation of an investment bank (reserve). It is needed first of all in order that at the time of the release of a really good fund you had the means to enter it at the start. The more time has passed since the opening, the higher the risk that the site closes earlier than the level without loss.
  5. After the contribution of funds to the project, the withdrawal of profits is made to the reserve bank. The same happens with referral profit. Reinvest is not recommended. This should be considered only after going into a no loss, otherwise you can stay with your nose.
  6. It is useful to earn not only on your own deposits, but also on referral profits. After carefully reading the referral conditions, do not rush to invite your friends to the HYIP. You should carefully think over and warn that there is no guarantee that the site will work properly. Often referrals are used to attract referrals. That is, part of the referral profit is returned to the referral.
  7. Never invest other people’s money: do not borrow or borrow from friends to invest in a HYIP.
  8. Greed will ruin. You need to learn how to get out of the hype on time. Often behind the shares are hidden problems with a lack of funds in the fund. Just do not need to be driven at a very high interest. The higher the percentage, the less the project will work.
  9. There is a time in the year when it’s not advisable to invest or treat haypam with caution. In winter, the New Year closes the largest number of funds. This is primarily due to the fact that people deduce contributions for the holidays. At the end of the summer, the same undesirable time comes, when many people leave for vacation. Projects are closed either because of a lack of investment, or because admins also sometimes want to rest. Exceptions are a certain percentage of HYIPs, which are all for nothing. They are ready to work all year round, but not so many.

Nuances of HYIP to pay attention to

Smooth growth — this is probably the most important for any project, very many hyip, which developed quietly grew into large giants, or at least worked long. Here the main thing is to find a balance: bad development — scum, too stormy — scum. The golden mean is a chance for a long work.

Listings-Monitors. If hyip starts and immediately orders ads from a dozen bloggers and buys a bunch of monitors, it’s worth to be extremely cautious — maybe it’s a babosbornik, which will pay for the month’s costs and bounce at the peak. Even more important is to be with the project, which has been working for a long time and then immediately begins a massive order of advertising, not just advertising, but mass advertising, most likely the administrator is already tired of playing and he wants to collect the last fat cash.

Insiders — if someone tells you that they told him secret information that the fund will work for a long time, then you can put an additional plus to the project, and no more. Believe me, not as true insides as many and come true, if not more.

The risk is right. Like any other investment on the Internet, earning a haypah is certainly a risk. Prepare for losses. Even compliance with all rules, the presence of insurances and refreshments from a superior investor will not be able to protect against losses at a certain moment. But as you know, who does not take risks, he does not win.

So, can you make money on HYIPs?

Yes, you can. If you follow all the rules, subtracting the loss from the profit, you can remain in good stead. Work and earn, but remember, everything sooner or later comes to an end.

Good luck!


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