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Hello, my name is Max Power. In this article, I want to talk about what is the earnings on advertising on the Internet. I warn you right away that if you are set up to receive the basic income in this way, then earnings on the Internet will not be suitable for viewing advertising. This is a good choice for extra time in spare time. Much more you can get profit on placing advertisements, reviews and other content on your sites. There is also a way of earning on advertising on the Internet without a website — it’s contextual advertising.

Types of profit

  • Buxes. These are sites that provide users with earnings on the Internet on viewing advertisements. It is charged about 2-4 kopecks for one viewing within a minute. Of course, this is not much, but I started with this method for a logical reason — no investment is required. I use this method when watching TV shows, when there is still nothing to do during commercial breaks.
  • Contextual advertising. This method brings me a tangible profit. Its essence is to attract visitors to the site of advertisers. A huge number of sites make a choice in favor of such a money earning on advertising on the Internet. Contextual advertising shows the user the information that he most often searches on the Internet. For each attracted potential client, I get a reward. It is worth noting that you can earn this method without a personal site. I do not have a personal resource except this, so I use «Blogger» hosting to place advertisements.

How much can you earn?

I want to say that people who consider earnings on advertising on the Internet as a waste of time are greatly mistaken. Getting profits on the Internet is exactly the same work activity as any other, so it takes effort, time and patience.
As the Internet is rapidly developing, I constantly study new trends. The price of a click on an ad unit depends on the topic and importance of the ad, it varies from a few cents to 2-3 dollars per click on the link.

What nuances can arise in the work?

Getting income on advertising with bux, I received a minimum profit, but it took a long time. Nevertheless, the way out and the position was found — the attraction of referrals. Attracting other users to this type of work, you can organize a good passive income.
I would advise newcomers to start earning an advertisement on the Internet without a site with the help of contextual advertising links. Even if you can not reach a decent level of income, you can avoid financial losses.

Perspectives of work

At present, earning money on advertising on the Internet is very popular. Many people buy tens or even hundreds of sites for this purpose. I had a huge desire to profit from advertising on the network, so after successful attempts to earn money without investment, I still decided to purchase the site. The resource brings me a tangible income with minimal effort.

Today, making a profit on advertising is undergoing tremendous changes. I associate this with new search engine algorithms. The changes are mostly positive, this allows us to believe that advertising will remain an excellent source of income for all comers for a long time to come.

Tips for beginners
  1. Register your own blog or site of a specific direction. Please note that there are more opportunities for a good earning from commercial resources.
  2. Make the site interesting and visited. You should optimize the resource using SEO. Search engines should find you without problems.
  3. Next, you should engage with advertisers. The best option is to use Begun and Direkt to search for services. You can try to «lure» potential customers from other sites of similar themes.

And at last I can advise all doubting the effectiveness of such earnings still try to increase their income. The only thing, do not forget to keep up with the times, increase your knowledge and improve your work skills. Then you will succeed!


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