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I am again with you, my readers. If someone else does not know, my name is Max Power. I’m a simple man who could earn a lot of money on his own. The main secret of my success is that I take a close look at any investment, but I’m not afraid to risk it. This is how I was able to get a good profit on crypto-currencies.

In the article, we’ll talk specifically about mindfulness, how important it is. If you are an experienced miner, you probably heard about such a currency as DASH. If not, then I will say that she is the sixth in terms of monetization in the world. This means that by extracting it, you can easily get real money. Unfortunately, not all people in the world are trying to live honestly. It is about them today will be discussed. About how they sold the bitcoins at the metro, they heard everything. This is the most primitive deception, but there are more sophisticated fraudsters.

DASH copies and how to distinguish them

The popularity of crypto currency is doing its job. Many unscrupulous programmers began to produce clones, only slightly changing the name of their money. One such example is dashcoin dsh. The name may mislead many, but I carefully read the specification for this monetary unit. It turns out that dashcoin dsh has nothing to do with the original Dash. If you think that this is its smaller part, then you are very wrong. The main differences are that:

The Dashcoin dsh rate is much lower. If three dollars are given for the original monetary unit, then one hundred thousandth of the dollar for this option. Accordingly, the dashcoin dsh course is three hundred times lower.

It is impossible to exchange currency for real money, which makes its extraction at the moment practically meaningless.

And now a few words about how I found the deception. First of all, the difference is in the title. This is a very important point, because many newcomers still do not understand all the subtleties. But if you decide to earn a specific currency, then go to the official website and specify all the necessary details. In addition, an important indicator is the short name of the crypto currency. The original version has DUSH, and the copy has DSH. Just one letter, but such a difference in price.

Extraction and its differences

Naturally, mining dashcoin dsh does not make sense. Of course, no one bothers you. But if you assess the situation soberly, and that’s exactly how I did, then the conclusion suggests obvious. Despite the simplified production algorithm, mining dashcoin dsh will not even pay for electricity costs. The only plus I have highlighted is the possibility of earning money on an old PC.

If you are just thinking over whether you should go to the miners, try starting a dashcoin dsh purse in order to look at the process live. In other cases, this is a waste of time. In spite of the fact that the dashcoin dsh wallet will be filled quickly enough, the real dollar amount will appear in it only in a couple of years. Considering how much you spend on paying for communal products and components, the case will be unprofitable.

The most important thing is that if you decide to earn a crypto currency, then be very careful. Take this process as a real job. Read my advice and you will always be aware of the latest developments.


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