There is such an argument as the diversification in the HYIPs, which today we will take a closer look.

To begin with, it all makes sense if you use it correctly and skillfully. Diversification is no exception and if used correctly, it can be an excellent tool for significantly reducing risks.

A bit of history about diversification

The principle of diversification was coined at the dawn of time. The Talmud, a collection of Jewish laws was created more than 2,000 years ago, proposed dividing the money into three parts: one-third in real estate, one-third in shares, and one-third in cash reserves. In the first act, the «Merchant of Venice,» written in the late sixteenth century by Shakespeare, Antonio says that his wealth «extends to various ships, in different places and is expected to mature and profit at different times.» And in 1738 the great Swiss mathematician Daniil Bernoulli stated precisely that «… it is advisable to divide risky assets, and not risk all together at the same time.» In short, the idea of ​​diversification comes from afar and is well established in all cultures.

What is «diversification»?

Diversification is the division of funds into various projects, a certain investment portfolio collected from investments in different projects. Simply put: «do not put all the eggs in one basket.»

This by no means means to take your money and scatter it at random in all projects in a row.

And not only in everything, but as some advise in 10 projects, 10% each))

Forget in general such a «formula» if you certainly want to keep your money intact.

I’ll explain why.

Firstly, for all the time of my activity, I have never seen 10 projects at the same time, they simply do not have that much. The maximum that was, it’s probably 5 projects that are both successful and worthwhile. I have on the blog, by the way, knowingly worth the TOP 3 and not the TOP 10 🙂

Secondly, in every project there can be absolutely different marketing, starting from daily interest, total profit, deposit terms and exit into lossless. Therefore, even if by some miracle 10 projects for diversification appear, then not 10% each should be distributed, but sit down quietly and think how much it is worth investing in each project considering the fund’s marketing and the timing of investment plans.

Which HYIPs to invest for diversification.

My blog is just an illustrative example of diversification, namely my personal investment portfolio, which consists of a small number of projects, in each of which I invest, add and reinvest funds.

The portfolio is updated constantly, new projects are being added which, moreover, I try to choose so that I would not compete in marketing with the rest, but complement each other, and of course only the best HYIPs are selected. 🙂

Also, my advice to you, about the new projects that have just appeared, not only on my blog, but in general, do not invest significant sums in projects that are not yet firmly on their feet, did not prove themselves, did not deserve in the end. Much less risk in stable strong projects, they are not afraid of large deposits, for them it is a drop in the bucket. As you can see, such projects are in the test section, that’s why we test small amounts and do not invest in adults :)) 10% -20% of your investment amount, will go down to diversify into new fledgling HYIPs, and if you deserve, then you will always be able to add later.

And yet: diversification is not to choose the best projects, allocate the correct amount and forget to remove only the interest.

For everything you need to monitor, improve and optimize. After all, the HYIPs are also different, in which there may be an investment period of 5 days, and in another 30 days. It turns out that for 1 month, you can scroll the money several times in the first variant (several times for 5 days), while the second project will bring daily profit within a month without our intervention (without re-investing).

So .. we create portfolios, diversify funds, reduce risks and super earnings!)


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