Hi with you again Max Power, and we continue to study crypto-currencies. If you want to make money quickly, then this is the way for you. Of course, the word virtual money is associated with bitcoin in many, but in fact there are a lot of such currencies. I’ll tell you only about the best options, as I am engaged in their production.

In this article I will share with you about DASH. Dash or, as it used to be called, Xcoin takes the sixth place among all virtual money. It enjoys great popularity in countries with high taxes. And this is due to the clear advantages that DASH has. Dash is a completely anonymous currency.

Currency production

Let’s start with what is needed to release these monetary units. The production of Dash classic, like bitcoin, takes place on special farms. The main workforce is the video card. Essential advantages of Dash classic are:

Anonymity of transactions. This is a very important advantage for our country, where the fiscal authorities began to pay attention to crypto-currencies.

Democracy. By opening the Dash wallet, you become a member of the community and can participate in voting for the relative future development of this payment system, which excludes the monopolization of the market by large corporations.

Lower energy costs. The main problem of mining other crypto-currencies is the high production cost. Mining Dash requires much less electricity.

For all these reasons, Dash mining is becoming more popular among experienced miners. Features of production can be considered the use of several production algorithms at the same time. This means that I or you can build a farm that will be more powerful than others, but it will cost less. The main thing is to correctly approach this issue.

Payment mechanism

I will note once again that anyone can buy or sell Dash. At the same time, it is impossible to trace the parties to the treaty. To this end, the developers have provided several security measures and enumeration options. If you decide to invest your money and buy Dash, then you will be offered two options for the transaction:

PrivateSend. To implement, you need a Dash wallet. All cash flows pass through special servers that do not have a single supervisory authority. In addition, each payment is divided into many parts and passes separately, which does not allow to determine the recipient by the amount.

Lump-sum payment. A simpler procedure that avoids delays in payments and confirmations, which solves the main problem of many crypto-currencies.

Anonymity is provided by a very complex algorithm, which I could not fully understand, but its effectiveness has already been appreciated by many people. That’s why many entrepreneurs prefer to use Dash. The outlook for this currency is very optimistic.

Extraction and its features

Since bitcoin has reached its maximum number, Dash Mining can be an excellent alternative. There are many reasons why I decided to mine Dash. The forecast of growth in its value is the most important of them. In addition, I appreciated:

Lower energy costs. This is not only saving on the communal but also reducing equipment wear, which makes Dash mining a very profitable process.

Stability of the currency. Despite its little popularity, this monetary unit has existed for several years. During this time the Dash course has constantly grown, which is a very good sign.

The real possibility of monetization. You can easily transfer your virtual funds into real dollars. Personally, I do this as necessary, since the Dash course is growing. This means that my capital is growing.

The process of currency production is similar to bitcoin. Of course, programmers will say that the algorithm is completely different, but I do not climb into it much. The main thing is that the equipment of my farm is suitable.

Building a farm for Dash gpu is pretty standard. Since for mining Dash gpu is the basis of the whole algorithm, it is best to use the Intel platform. A special way of encryption is designed in such a way that the system’s performance has less impact on the number of Dash coins mined. The graph shows that the number of coins grows not in proportion to the card’s power. This means that any miner can effectively produce Dash. The graph of the statistics also shows that the main earners are private individuals.

I note at once that extraction can be not only on the Intel socket, but it is better for Dash. Amd was less productive. In addition, a simple Pentium is needed to run the farm, so you will not save much if you get a Dash amd processor.

It is best to run Dash Mining nvidia accelerators, because they have large operating temperatures. Dash mining of nvidia, respectively, is more productive also because of the larger amount of memory. Using Radeons is possible, but I would not recommend it. There was a performance loss compared to Dash nvidia gpu. Mining the currency will quickly return the money you spent. So, the conclusion is simple — to get the currency is worth. And the best option for this is Dash nvidia gpu mining on the Intel


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