Crypto currency Hello everyone, my name is Max Power. Today I will tell you about what a cryptocurrency is, how to make money on it. I will also help you to understand other aspects. We learn how and where you can buy a cryptocurrency, what is the forecast for the Cryptocurrency for 2018, what people say about it and write about it, which are «in the subject». Let’s start with the definition of the basic concepts.

What is a cryptocurrency?

Many people have heard of this concept at least once in their life, but not everyone has an idea of ​​what it really is. Cryptocurrency is a kind of digital money that is stored in electronic purses and can be used for purchases of goods and services. To produce the money we are accustomed to, we have to spend a lot of resources and money, while electronic money is a completely new way of mutual settlement. In fact, this is a step into the future, which for many so far seems fantastic.

The list of cryptocurrencies consists of more than 700 virtual coins. And this is far from the last figure, since any kind of person can come up with such an electronic monetary unit. For this, banks are not needed, such a currency will never suffer from inflation.

Cryptocurrency 2018

The most popular electronic currency is bitcoin. He confidently takes first place in all ratings.

So it looks like an exchange cryptocurrencies, based on the popularity and value of digital money:






The list of cryptocurrency can be continued indefinitely. I brought you the most common of them. The online currency course will help you to find out what the cost of a particular unit is. You can find it on many sites.

I want to say that the exchange rate is constantly changing and it is sometimes difficult to predict what the cost of one or another unit will be in the next year. However, it is not difficult to make a forecast for next year’s knowledgeable person. But more about this later. First I’ll tell you about the advantages of e-currency.

Cryptocurrency online: what you need to know?

Each currency has its own distinctive features. For example, crypto-currencies are generated according to certain procedures based on the blockbuster. In other words, each next coined and implanted coin is a continuation from the previous one. A certain mathematical program code corresponding to the monetary unit is created. The list of crypto-currencies is somehow related to each other. And often the rate of one unit is directly related to other coins.

An important advantage of all, without exception, cryptocurrency is their independence from state-owned banking and financial institutions. Many modern citizens keep money in a currency that is not tied to the state apparatus. And this despite the fact that many countries are trying to somehow regulate the virtual cash flow. While such actions were unsuccessful.

Another feature of the cryptocurrency is the presence of the upper limit of total emissions. As soon as the number of coins reaches its limit, there is an automatic rise in the cost of mining. This can be seen by examining the course of the Cryptocurrency. However, numerous reviews about crypto-currencies and my own observations suggest that not all coins have such a limit. They can be produced in unlimited quantities.

Where to buy cryptocurrency?

The most commonly used is the so-called currency exchange. With its help, the purchase operation can be carried out quickly and inexpensively. Why is that? The fact is that every day the network is replenished with a couple of new sites that offer a profitable purchase of a cryptocurrency. Therefore, any exchanger, cryptocurrency, has a lot of competition and is trying to sell coins as profitable as possible for the client and thereby gain credibility. Sites reduce commission, and a person can choose on the site that offers a more profitable course for cryptocurrency.

What is so good about this system? The currency exchange allows you to purchase electronic coins in any convenient way for you, including paying with a bank card.

If you are going to buy bitcoins, then you can use services such as AlfaCashier, 60cek, X-Change and X-Pay. It is here that you can view the online currency exchange rate and purchase electronic coins at the lowest prices in the network. These exchangers also have the largest limits and profitable rate.

You can also purchase electronic currency using a new service called Telegram Bots. This is a completely new system, with which you can:

To buy;


store electronic coins.

You can also use the popular worldwide WebMoney system. Here, by the principle of creating ruble and dollar purses, you can create an electronic wallet in bitcoins. It is called «WMX». If necessary, you can make internal exchanges in this system.

Exchange crypto-currency

In many countries, crypto-currencies have long equated to electronic money. If we proceed from this, then any stock exchange is fully justified and legitimate. Any person will be able to open an account on such a site, learn the online currency exchange rate and buy the right coin.

Exchange cryptocurrency there is not one. There are more than twenty of them and each of them must have a license from the authoritative British regulator FCA. Having such a document, the site completely protects all operations from scammers.

Any exchange crypto-currency is a very simple thing to use. Multifice Russian-speaking and understandable. For operations of input or output of means you need verification. After passing the procedure, you can sell or buy bitcoins or other crypto money. You can use any bankcard, be it Mastercard or Visa, or WebMoney. A person who does not know the exchange cryptocurrency, such a system can show difficult. However, this is always due to inexperience. Reviews about crypto-currencies and ways of buying them, as well as sales, are proved by the fact that it is the most profitable to make transactions through exchanges. The client will always be protected from fraud, because often it is a question of considerable sums.

If none of the suggested options suits you, you can use the help of brokers. In this case, verification will not be required, you will always have an affordable financial «shoulder» and an assistant in the transactions. However, beware of scammers, which in this area is quite a lot.

Crypto-currency: how to make money?

It may seem that it is simply impossible to get such money. But it is not so. Cryptocurrency can be earned without investing large amounts of money. There are several ways for this:

Use of special sites, which in the people were called «cranes». These services are distributed free of charge by bitcoins.

Mining — obtaining bitcoins or other cryptocurrency using powerful computers.

Participation in currency trades on special exchanges. This way of obtaining electronic currency allows you to earn a good amount in a short time.

Investing in HYIPs. This attachment allows multiplying bitcoins.

Reviews of people about the cryptocurrency on this issue vary. Some use «cranes» as earnings, others buy expensive equipment and are engaged in mining, others — invest in hype and consider this method the most profitable. The choice depends on the person’s preferences and financial possibilities.

Cryptocurrency online

Now let’s make an approximate forecast for the next year. I will proceed from the fact that many governments plan to legalize digital money, which will lead to higher prices for such monetary units and greater demand among ordinary people. The most promising cryptocurrency in 2018, in my opinion, will be:


Etherium or ethereum;






antshares or neo;




Which currencies will change their positions, it will be possible to find out online on any authoritative site. I told you some secrets about using digital money. I hope now you are a little closer to the once complex topic.


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