Choosing a platform for trading on Forex


Trading platforms — programs with which you will trade on Forex, — developed a lot. The most famous and, in the opinion of most traders, MetaTrader is convenient. This is the best platform for beginners. It is often provided for trading by Russian brokerage companies. However, a little mastered, you can try and others — for example, a reliable and uncomplicated VertexFX, a convenient JFOREX or ActiveTrader, which is approaching in popularity to MetaTrader. For automatic trading, you can try ZuluTrade.
Open an account Any brokerage company offers several types of accounts for different needs of the trader.

Demo account. As already mentioned, this is a training account for training trade skills.
A cent account. The next step after the demo account. Trade goes for real money, but for very small amounts, and the monetary unit is not a dollar or euro, but a cent. So, if you open an account for $ 10, you will see 1000 cents on the account. This is convenient, since it allows a novice trader to estimate the real sums of losses and earnings, practically losing nothing.
Micro account. Allows you to trade in dollars, but the minimum lot size is very small — from 1 cents.

Usually the minimum deposit amount is 300-1000 dollars. Account «Mini». Here the lot amount is more — from 10 cents, and the minimum deposit — from 1000 dollars. Account «Standard». As the name implies, this is a classic account for professionals who can invest at least 3-5 thousand dollars in Forex and trade in earnest. Professional Forex accounts assume fast execution of deals and market terms of trade, but this is a tool for professional traders who trade in the currency exchange for far not the first year.


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