HYIP project - what is it?

HYIP project – what is it?

What is a HYIP project? The project, similar to an investment fund with high profitability. At the moment, these are mainly online projects that work with electronic currencies. Many haypas can be divided into types: fast - from 61% per month, medium-term - from 15% to 61% per month, long-term - up to 15% per month (and species can also be subspecies KIVI-eggs, guerrillas and others them). They call such projects pseudo-investment, because we invest in the air, despite the "legends". We will gradually understand all this fussiness. Why is it cheating? Everything is banal - the principle of the financial pyramid. Pay these projects, as long as there is an influx of "fresh" cash resources from those who are hungry to earn money and more. Well-known Admins do not stint on website design, good hosting, advertising, monitors, pagers, good refenders and so on, that's why they earn not only their...

What is Bitcoin Mixer and why is it needed?

Today we will talk about Bitcoin Mixer, as questions began to be asked about what it is and what it is eaten with after posting a Bitpetite project overview, in which this service is present. So, let's go 🙂 What is a Bitcoin Mixer Nothing more than a service that provides the possibility of truly anonymous transfers of bitcoins. Thanks to the crypto currency, we have a great way to make transfers, purchases or donations, keeping confidentiality. However, crypto transactions were never really anonymous or private. All transactions made using crypto-currencies are stored in a decentralized database called a block account and are visible to everyone. If to take for example - there as you know it is possible to track any movements knowing the transaction number or at least just a purse. And if you allow you to use the crypto currency for the purchase of some kind of product, ultimately you will...
Bitcoin HYIP

Bitcoin HYIP

What is bitcoin HYIP So, let's talk about investment funds and haypah hosting bitcoins, as well as other crypto-currencies. What it is? The answer is in principle in the question itself. Usually, in such projects only cues are accepted, sometimes there is another crypto currency, with the development and growth of the project, additional customary payment systems in dollars can also be added. The development of such projects turns out to be more smooth, as a rule, mostly advertising takes place on crypto resources, news about crypto-currencies instead of usual advertising platforms and basically bitcoin hipes start to gain popularity abroad and only then go out to the Russian segment. Recently, thanks to the growth of crypto-currencies, more and more haypas are being born and launched on bitcoins and another crypt. Of course, you should not rush into everything, for a pretty site may well sit the admin who has no idea how...
Personal account

Personal account on the blog and affiliate program!

Hello! I am glad to offer you the next update on the blog: Personal account and affiliate program for friends. From today, to order a refbank or compensation from the fund, it will be possible only through preliminary registration in the personal account of the blog. This will significantly reduce the time and simplify the task for both you and me. Of the amenities you can list a few basic: When you make an application, you will choose your wallet from the list of your purses that indicated during registration or when you fill out the payment details, this will eliminate the possibility of an error in writing a purse. A list of all your applications is always at hand. You can see the status of your orders: completed, pending or rejected. In the case of a rejected application, you can also read the reason in the note. E-mail notifications. Now you will receive a notification of both the...

Bitcoin Cash: Why not?

Hello! After reading the newsletter from Bitpetite, I decided to rewrite their article from the first person, since I fully share their opinion and the essence of what was written. Why do I really love Bitcoin? Why do you love him? For fast cross-border payments? Yes, in comparison with banks this is a huge step forward and no, PayPal will do it faster. For low commission in the translation? Yes, for the transfer of $ 10 million you need to pay some 50 cents and no, for the transfer of 1 dollar you will have to pay all the same 50 cents! 1 Maybe I love Bitcoin for the opportunity to pay for a cup of coffee in a restaurant? No, you yourself know that this is not possible yet. I love Bitcoin for the fact that it belongs only to me. Money in my Bitcoin wallet can not be taken away or confiscated, you...



Greetings, my name is Max Power, and I want to inform you about what the earnings on buxes are. Buxes are Internet resources that enable...