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Forex for beginners

Forex for beginners

Forex is a world currency exchange where you can sell and buy various currencies. The turnover of forex is several trillion dollars a day, i.е. This is a very developed, liquid market, i.e. a market where you can at any time (during working hours, of course) sell and buy virtually unlimited amounts of this or that currency. Initially, forex was created purely for banks who need to buy or sell any currency for their own needs or at the request of customers. However, then, thanks to dealing centers (DCs), providing access to forex market to all comers, the market "overgrew" private traders and other participants who want to earn money on Forex. Time of work of the forex exchange Forex is open around the clock on weekdays. Bidding starts at 2 am (Moscow time.) Nights from Sunday to Monday and ends at 1 in the morning from Friday to Saturday. Trading time...
The crisis of the HYIP industry?

The crisis of the HYIP industry?

"The industry is going through hard times" - I hear recently from some "experts". Let's think together, whether this is so and sort out the problems. Quickstart & HitAndRun. Projects are increasingly often called the fast scam. Those in which it was not possible to earn the promised profit for which we had hoped, despite the fact that we were among the first participants. And such participants that have come at the very start of the project more and more 🙂 HitAndRun it. As a result, the promised profits are simply nowhere to be undertaken after a while, and not only administrators who are not guilty of developing the promotion strategy are responsible for this, but also we with you, as well as reflowers who can invite the people only in the first seconds, and by themselves creating complex working conditions this. Running, run all here! And then immediately advertise the next regular...
Bitcoin - let's use the bits

Bitcoin — let’s use the bits

What is bitcoin? How it works? Everyone probably read more than once. Usually "too many letters" and many technical terms. All we need to know in fact is that Bitcoin is currently the safest and most anonymous currency. No one can prohibit and take it away, it can not be faked and its use is completely anonymous. We are here with you to invest in projects that accept payment systems such as Perfect Money, Peer and others, but in view of the long-standing loud scam Liberty reserve system and the very recent Egomey benches which were also used by many people, the conclusion is obvious that to keep money on these payments It's not safe and completely different with Bitcoin. Bitcoin is also attractive for gamblers, with fluctuations in the exchange rate, it's probably good to earn money trading Bitcoin on the exchange but that's another story, I personally prefer to buy when...
Site blocking and bypassing

Site blocking and bypassing

Site blocking and bypassing I've been thinking about writing about this for a long time or not. This article does not correspond much to the positive tone of my blog. But still I decided that it's worth paying attention to it. As you all know, I do not live in Russia and do not really follow the events that are taking place in my homeland. But friends and acquaintances say that the situation with the blocking of sites goes through all reasonable limits. Who does not know, at the moment in Russia a number of laws have been passed that allows many agencies to block any websites even without a court decision. Initially, these laws were made under the pretext of fighting pedophiles, terrorists or pedophile terrorists. In fact, it's not like that at all. If you look at the infographics //reestr.rublacklist.net/ visual, the picture looks very sad. A huge amount of...
Diversification in HYIPs.

Diversification in HYIPs

There is such an argument as the diversification in the HYIPs, which today we will take a closer look. To begin with, it all makes sense if you use it correctly and skillfully. Diversification is no exception and if used correctly, it can be an excellent tool for significantly reducing risks. A bit of history about diversification The principle of diversification was coined at the dawn of time. The Talmud, a collection of Jewish laws was created more than 2,000 years ago, proposed dividing the money into three parts: one-third in real estate, one-third in shares, and one-third in cash reserves. In the first act, the "Merchant of Venice," written in the late sixteenth century by Shakespeare, Antonio says that his wealth "extends to various ships, in different places and is expected to mature and profit at different times." And in 1738 the great Swiss mathematician Daniil Bernoulli stated precisely that "......
News about starbit.nz

How to evaluate and choose a project for investment

All greetings, inspired me again a little mood scribbling and decided to share thoughts on projects, their successes and failures, thinking on the run while writing. In general, we discard immediately those projects that are launched, that would quickly collect money and close, inexperienced admins, schoolchildren and other unworthy attention. We talk about projects where the administration has a desire to work, the ability to do, experience and intentions for a long period of work. After all, what is a successful project? This is the project in which investors, activists and administration should earn money, when all three categories were able to earn, it's good to earn, then the project can be said to be a success. The most interesting thing is that no one has a recipe for a successful project. No matter how thoughtful marketing was made, the site is technically good, beautiful design, etc. .. none of these components guarantees success....
Invest in bitcoins - strategies and benefits

Invest in bitcoins — strategies and benefits

Hello! Right now, while I'm writing this article, BTC is growing at the speed of light, only here was $ 802, and already $ 820 for 1 Bitcoin. So I decided that it's time to return again to the Bitcoins theme and their use in projects for earning. Much of the strategy of course depends on you as well, namely how you feel about bitcoins, as a payment system or as a separate currency in which you keep some of your funds. Personally, I belong to the second category, it can even be said that my attitude towards them as assets and one-third of the funds is approximately stored in bits and try to increase capital. In investment projects there are two types of reception of cue balloons: 1. Accepting bitcoins with conversion to dollars. That is, if you invest bitcoins, then in the project they are converted into dollars at the current exchange rate. Then...
The best new HYIP projects of 2018

The best new HYIP projects of 2018

Hello! I'll try to fix Vanga and predict what will happen in 2018, which of the projects that are already here can become the best HYIPs in 2018, and whose projects are not yet, what they should be in my opinion to get such a title. Honestly, at the moment, it so happened that of the projects that are on my blog, absolutely all of the medium-term projects have quite good chances of success in 2018, but we will single out so far 3 of them: Cashbery - it was already one of the best already in 2018, and continues to deserve this title without any doubt, at the moment the project has been almost a year and the development continues at full speed. Constant charity events around the world, conferences, the opening of clubs on the ground, all this already makes it one of the best projects of 2017. Wise Deposit -...
Why Bitcoin is increasingly becoming a matter of China

Why Bitcoin is increasingly becoming a matter of China

Why Bitcoin is increasingly becoming a matter of China The devaluation of the renminbi, and the control of capital movements, are pushing the Chinese to buy the crypto currency, which earlier this year doubled in price compared to January 2016 and its price has been steadily increasing for the past few years. Bitcoin not only still blooms and smells, but also destroyed the myth of currency for criminals and black businesses, and after such events as the referendum Brexit and the election of Trump is increasingly being used as an alternative asset or even as a safe haven. Bitcoin returned to the cost of more than a thousand dollars. After the peak of the beginning of the year, the crypto currency continues to grow. These days Bitcoin reached a peak which was not observed since 2013, for twelve months its growth was 125%. Cause? Experts call it China. Beijing has already become the...
Earnings on HAIPs

Earnings on HYIPs

On the Internet, you can often find descriptions of different ways of earning. One of them is earning on haypah. But is it easy, and it's easy to make money on them? In theory HYIP is a disguised financial pyramid, which has its own legend about business in some area, so-called pseudo-investment. Naturally, 99% of all HYIPs do not do anything like that. Payments are made solely at the expense of the contributions of the following contributors. Many HYIPs promise not a bad income in a relatively short time, guarantees of return of funds and so on. On practice Everything is not as rosy as it seems at first glance. All the promises of earnings and guarantees are just a shell, as part of the legend. Yes! You can really make money on the haypah, but do not believe every promise. All this is just an advertising move. Only compliance with certain rules will...



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