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High-interest HYIP

High-interest HYIP


Jsrenthouse (hyip project)

JSRentHouse is HYIP with an unusual legend. They do not trade crypto currency, they do not do Forex trading. They act as an intermediary in transactions with real estate. The website is in order. Lack of Live Chat and only 1-level affiliate program stops from investing large sums, but you can try with small deposits. The legal registration of the company occurred in the first half of 2017, as shown in the documents. There are some questions regarding this information. But you all know that HYIP documents are not a big advantage. Most importantly, how administrators treat customers. The engine of the site works well. It has some errors, small inconsistencies. This can be considered a disadvantage, but, again, the goal of investing in HYIP is profit. If you make a profit the project is good. JSRentHouse offers 6 investment plans. The maximum amount of investment in any plan is 50,000. Minimum investment 20 US dollars. I recommend investing half of the deposit in a...

Bistinvest (hyip project)

This is a long-term HYIP with a good site, not excellent, but good. Legend is working. The company is not registered in the UK, as 99% of all current projects. The lack of information about security spoils the first impression, but all that is needed is: SSL, Anti-DDos, Worthy hosting. BistInvest is a long-term HYIP. This means that the minimum investment period is 30 days. Let's try to analyze the information. Medium-term projects with fast payouts are basically waiting for the "big fish". As a consequence, closing will not take long. Long-term investment conditions provide enough time for administrators to fulfill all financial requests. So this is an advantage. The idea of the company is trading. In the information provided on the site, the word "crypto-currency" is not mentioned anywhere, and it makes my positive mind smile more and more. They trade in indices, shares, and so on. The fact that they saw the fall of bitcoins in recent weeks, gives a plus to their karma...
Arma Medical

Arma Medical (hyip project)

Arma Medical is a medium-sized HYIP with plans for 11-30 days and a profitability of 1.05% to 5.5% per day. As you can guess from the title, according to legend, the project deals with investments in medicine. General indicators: Domain: arma-medical.bio. Start of the project: 11.12.17. The minimum amount for I / O: 10 $ / 0.1 $. EPS: Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash. The affiliate program: 4-2-1%. Payments: pays manually (the time limit is up to 72 hours). Deposit bonus: up to 8% (for example, invest $ 100 and we will send you $ 8 as a bonus right away to your wallet). Characteristics of the investment plan, under which we entered the project: Yield: 1.05% per day; Deposit term: 11 days; Payments: manual; The minimum deposit amount / maximum: 10 $ / 300 $; Net profit: for example, if you invest $ 25, the profit will be $ 2.9 and $ 4.9 if you do not forget to order a bonus...

Advanced8.top (hyip project)

We would like to present to the review an unusual project Advanced8.top which started on February 8, 2018. The admin did not bother and therefore there simply is no legend. The site positions itself as a high-yielding system, invested in which we will receive our own profit. As for tariffs, the site has 8 investment plans, the figure 8 is contained in the project name. The minimum time limit for a deposit is 1 day, the maximum is 50. Now the project works with such payment systems: Payeer, PerfectMoney, Advanced Cash The project has an affiliate program in 3 ranks: - 1st Rank of BASIC - 5% of the contributions made by your members at level 1. - 2nd Rank TOP This rank is assigned automatically after you have invited 15 active members of level 1 8% of the contributions of your level 1 referrals. 2% of the contributions made by your level 2 referrals. 1% of the contributions made...

5traders.com (hyip project)

We would like to present a medium-sized project for review. The date of opening the project on October 31, 2016. He has been partisan for a long time and has been working for more than a year. The project is engaged in crypto-currency trading and offers to earn from 1.9% to 3% per day net profit for 90 days. As for specific proposals for investors, 5traders offers 5 tariffs with a fixed daily profitability. Before making a deposit, you need to pass an easy registration. When you register, in the office you need to go to the "Invest" section, select the payment system, specify the necessary tariff plan, enter the required amount of your deposit and click the "Invest" button. Withdrawals are instant, but in some cases, when this withdrawal mode can not be realized for reasons beyond the control of the company, processing of payment requests may take up to 48 hours....
News about starbit.nz

News about starbit.nz

Hi, my name is Max Power. I want to share some observations. A month or two ago I saw a project that resembled a SuperKopilka. Everything was the same: office, options and marketing strategy. The first thing I wanted to say is the tracing paper. But, getting into the web project, I realized that there is no similarity. The creators of the WiseDeposit project were partners, followers of the UK and used the same application and the same franchise as a part of the website. These were the most effective moments of the UK, ensuring the work of the project for many years. This happened as follows. The programmer, who created SuperKopilku, wrote a book called "The technology of creating money." The publication is filled with interesting facts and thoughts and reveals a number of moments ("underwater reefs"), which are faced by those who invest in various projects. It was on...
High-interest HYIPs

High-interest HYIPs

Hello, my name is Max Power and I want to talk about how I make money on high-interest haypah. First, you need to understand the meaning of this definition. High-interest HYIPs are projects whose investment plans generate profits of more than 60% per month. It is with this that the huge popularity of high-yield hype projects among investors is connected. The withdrawal of means of HYIP is often made with the help of PerfectMoney, Payeer, Payza, OK Pay systems and, of course, crypto currency like Bitcoins. Many believe that these projects are quite dangerous for investment, but this is completely wrong. The only thing before investing your money is to monitor high-yielding HYIPs to determine the most profitable option. My rules for investing in high-yield HYIP projects I started investing with small sums of money. For each project there is a minimum deposit amount ($ 100, $ 300, $ 1000). In...


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