Greetings, my name is Max Power, and I want to inform you about what the earnings on buxes are.

Buxes are Internet resources that enable you to earn money with clicks. Advertisers try to increase the traffic of their site in this way. The user is given a certain amount of money for this.

For me, buxes have become a good way to make money without investment. I chose resources from the top bux for earning. A weighty advantage — to start the work does not require any serious knowledge and skills.

Varieties of earnings on buxes

Tasks. Often, you need to go through the registration procedure or click on the ad. Sometimes a user is asked to put a friend or make a repost of any record. Assignments can be different. To receive a reward, you must correctly perform the tasks. For this you should carefully read the terms. Resources with assignments are the best buxes for earning a substantial amount, since sometimes there are tasks worth 15-30 dollars.

  • Tests. It is proposed to read the article and a list of questions to it. Then you need to find the advertiser’s site and answer the questions about the text in a test form
  • Surfing. The easiest way. You just need to click on the links, view the information of the sites and get paid for it in the future.
  • Letters. It is suggested that you read the letter, then click on the link indicated in it. After viewing, a reward is awarded.
  • Autosurfing. View ads in automatic mode. The reward is given in a smaller amount, but the work is easier than standard surfing.

How much can you make on buxes?

The amount of earnings depends on how many sites you can simultaneously work. I will repeat that the best buxes for earnings are with tasks. I earned about 200-500 dolors on such resources for several hours of work. With this work it is important to gain experience. As soon as you learn to carry out some task thoroughly, it should be added to the «favorites».

I advise you to carry out tasks simultaneously in 2-4 projects. The fact is that on one resource tasks can quickly end. If I had this situation, I immediately moved to another site and continued to earn money.

If you believe the reviews, some people earn buxes with assignments of 6,000 — 8,000 dolors each month, spending about 3-4 hours a day. Perhaps someone will say that this is not enough. Personally, I consider such earnings as a perfect extra charge to the basic income. At the very least, earning this way is better than wasting valuable time on social networks.

My recommendations regarding the earnings on buxes
  1. Register on several resources and at the same time work on them. Such earnings on buxes will help to get more profit.
  2. Try to find the most expensive buxes for earning.
  3. Do not neglect the affiliate program. The more referrals you attract, the more you will earn.
  4. Be sure to register on sites that offer autosurfing. Thus, you will be able to receive revenue only for the fact that your computer will be in working mode.
  5. Pay attention to the top bux for earning. The rating can be viewed at specialized forums. This will help to choose a reliable option.
How to get started?

First of all, you should register on the resource. To receive money, for most Russian sites you need to specify a Webmoney purse. Foreign buxes most often work with Paypal.

The most expensive buxes for earnings, as a rule, are foreign, but the conditions there are also not simple, so I settled on European options.

The list of bux for earning on the Internet is now just huge, it makes it possible to choose the best option that is right for you.

Buxes — an excellent solution to daily profit, improving their financial situation. Of course, the sky-high amount is unlikely to earn this way, but this is a great option for extra-time work, which should not be neglected.


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