Good day, with you again Max Power. Surely you, like me, was shocked by the news that a new BitcoinGold crypto currency will be released. It’s no secret that the number of traditional bitcoins has been limited from the very beginning. In fact, the cluster has already been filled and now the most famous crypto currency can only be bought and sold. But this is not an excuse to get upset. On the contrary, BitcoinGold is a new variant of the monetary unit, which is just beginning to be produced. So, we can become rich with you.

But the most pleasant news is that despite the change in the algorithm, BitcoinGold’s mining will be carried out on video cards. Moreover, the new production method is specially designed for such production. This means that upgrading the equipment is not necessary, so even last year’s video cards will be able to cope with this process.

Is it worth it to extract a new currency

If you are in doubt, then I recommend that you recall how the economists initially treated economics themselves. Mining BitcoinGold has already supported HitBTC and YoBit. In addition, the rest of the market participants simply detached the recognition of this crypto currency, because they adhere to a more cautious policy. But I believe that without risking, it’s impossible to get a big profit. That’s why I’m already starting to translate my farms into new production algorithms.

In addition, the creators of the new currency came up with very original conditions at the start:

At first BitcoinGold mining will be carried out using a simplified algorithm. If you consider that with other crypto currency all the way around, then this decision will allow the first earners to get a big profit. I’m not going to miss this opportunity and I do not advise you.

Sixty percent of the funds will be kept as a stock without the right to sell. Thus, BitcoinGold mining will not be profitable for large corporations. This means that we will be on an equal footing with industrial production.

The currency appeared a little more than a month ago, and its production will be open the other day. If you are wondering when it is better to start, then the answer is simple. The best pool for BitcoinGold has already come. It’s time to reconfigure the farm for a new algorithm and be ready to start exchanges.

Starting to produce a crypto currency, you can earn huge sums, because this version of coins is designed for ordinary miners who are used to mining BitcoinGold. «Crane» will soon open, and real money will flow from it. The main thing is to stand first in line.

Alternative currency, which no one has heard of

When the number of bitcoins approached the maximum, everyone started talking about the fork from a negative point of view. However, few people say that BitcoinGold, whose course is not yet clear, is not the first child of the mother currency. In fact, an alternative to the famous virtual money appeared in 2014.

Xmr monero exchange has long been a platform for trading Mano’s crypto currency. Unfortunately, despite the high cost of this monetary unit, its liquidity is quite small. This means that after the production of storing money it does not make sense, and it will be problematic to sell them. Only xmr monero exchanges this coin.

Given that a new bitcoin fork has appeared, I would recommend that you create a BitcoinGold wallet. To the limit of this unit is still very far, and therefore it is possible to produce it with full confidence that it will pay for itself. If you want to conduct the best pool for BitcoinGold, then start now.


As practice and analysis of history showed, not every fork of fork was successful. It should be noted, however, that you can create a BitcoinGold purse for free, but you will not have to change the equipment. This means that you do not risk anything. Then why not try to establish the release of BitcoinGold, the rate of which is growing quite rapidly.

My opinion remains this:

You can organize the extraction of a new currency, if only because it will not cost anything. How to earn BitcoinGold for free? Everything is very simple. If you are already a Miner, then you have a farm with video cards. It remains only to change the algorithm and start the purse BitcoinGold

At first, any crypto currency is growing rapidly in price. That’s why the start of the release is the best time for quick earning. If you are asking yourself how to earn BitcoinGold for free, then the answer is simple — start the booty on the old farm.

Please note that the wallet for BitcoinGold is a separate account. Start earning as quickly as I do by producing BitcoinGold. «Crane» quickly raises its rate against the dollar, although the currency is available only on several exchanges. Moreover, this is money for an ordinary miner, which means that you are on equal terms with the rest.


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