bitcoincashGood day. My name is Max Power, I’m the same person as you all are. Having passed into adulthood, I faced a serious problem. It turns out that it’s very difficult to earn money, and it’s practically impossible to get a really decent salary. That’s why I tried to find a suitable alternative to traditional work.

After searching for a few days, I came across a concept like BitcoinCash. The forecast of many economists seemed to me very optimistic. After the popularity of the currency grew, there was a problem with the queue for processing requests, which is why bitcoin was divided into several types, one of which is BitcoinCash. The graph showed that it is necessary to greatly expand the disk space for this type, but this would lead to the monopolization of the market. The developers found an alternative solution.

Features of this currency

BCH BitcoinCash is a universal monetary unit, for the production of which not only the cluster is used. Some information is stored on third-party media. This means that no one except you can use the money, and the problem with the queue has disappeared. For this BCH BitcoinCash so do not like the tax services and other fiscal bodies.

The currency is produced using the SetWit2x algorithm. Another important advantage is that anyone can produce BitcoinCash, the rate of which is constantly growing. The process of production is called mining («mining» from English). This is what I decided to do, especially since BitcoinCash’s exchange rate against the dollar is growing every day.

Many world experts in the economy believe, and I share their opinion that it is the free crypto currency that will put an end to the disunity between the countries. It will become a single equivalent for all goods. BitcoinCash classic can not be stolen.

What you need to start a business

You can find a large number of articles that will tell you how to just earn BitcoinCash classic. I, unfortunately, disappoint you in this matter. If BitcoinCash mining were too simple, then everyone would do it. In fact, BitcoinCash mining practically does not require human labor in the usual sense of the word. In order to begin production of crypto currency, it is necessary:

Acquire a fairly powerful computer. BitcoinCash mining is done by video cards, so they will be the main elements of the farm (so professional miners call their computers). I note at once that even the newest and most powerful laptops are not suitable for these purposes.

Build your first farm. BitcoinCash mining is not carried out on the usual ordinary PC users. They are motherboards with a large number of video cards and a serious cooling system.

Register a BitcoinCash wallet. In it will be formed your earned money. In addition, with this virtual account you can buy BitcoinCash.

Recently, already in China, the ready-made farms began to be sold. Unfortunately, their cost is still quite high, and I did not manage to get myself one yet. Therefore BitcoinCash gpu mining does not yet have alternatives. It is believed that they more efficiently extract BitcoinCash. The forecast of many professional miners is ambiguous.

Tips for assembling a farm

I, like most other men, did not really understand the computer hardware. That’s why before looking at my first installation, I looked through a lot of reviews. Briefly I will tell you the most understandable:

Any computer can extract BitcoinCash. Amd or Intel does not play a big role, if your setup includes four to six cards. The processor only manages the video cards, but practically does not carry the load. The exception is the professional farms on special motherboards, to which you can connect more than eight vidyuh. In this case, BitcoinCash amd will not be able to produce.

The room where the farm is installed must have air conditioning. If you do not have it, it’s worth buying. BitcoinCash causes serious heating of video cards during production. My friends dripped the refrigerator, although there was only one farm nearby.

The best graphics cards do not exist for BitcoinCash mining. Nvidia’s latest generation is very expensive, but also more productive. It all depends on the funds that you want to invest. Radeon RX can be an excellent choice for a beginner. Although I use nvidia for BitcoinCash.

If you are going to be engaged in prey professionally and expect to quickly replenish your BitcoinCash wallet, then organize several farms at once. If you invest, you can get a lot of BitcoinCash. The payback schedule shows that the money is returned within six months.

BitcoinCash nvidia gpu mining requires proper care of the farm. The main thing is not to allow overheating, as a result of which the speed of BitcoinCash production decreases. Nvidia gpu mining ceases to justify itself, and vidyuhi fail. Correctly organizing BitcoinCash gpu mining, you will start earning a lot in a few months.


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