Bitcoin — let’s use the bits


What is bitcoin? How it works? Everyone probably read more than once. Usually «too many letters» and many technical terms.

All we need to know in fact is that Bitcoin is currently the safest and most anonymous currency.

No one can prohibit and take it away, it can not be faked and its use is completely anonymous.

We are here with you to invest in projects that accept payment systems such as Perfect Money, Peer and others, but in view of the long-standing loud scam Liberty reserve system and the very recent Egomey benches which were also used by many people, the conclusion is obvious that to keep money on these payments It’s not safe and completely different with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is also attractive for gamblers, with fluctuations in the exchange rate, it’s probably good to earn money trading Bitcoin on the exchange but that’s another story, I personally prefer to buy when the rate falls and look at the result in a longer run.

Practically zero remittance fees, convenience in use, are available from anywhere in the world and devices.

Bitcoin can be bought in any exchanger, as well as through an excellent service: Localbitcoins where you can buy or sell them even for cash in person, except in a variety of other ways. And of course on the exchange mentioned above.

Bitcoin is becoming more popular and gaining recognition among the giants, the recent connection of Bitcoin’s reception in Pay Pal’s payment system speaks volumes about accepting it and SolidTrust Pei, as more and more online services and services readily accept this currency.

Another interesting feature bitcoin — the full transparency of all translations. Knowing the transaction number or billing number, we can track all the movements of the funds using one of the services of the browser-blockers (the block is a data register containing information about all the movements of funds inside the bitcoin network) such as blockchain. info or btc blockr. io. Well, if someone does not like this very much and wants to hide their financial operations, then no one forbids having several accounts of bitcoins for example.

I hope this little instructive article will give cause for reflection to many, except that on my resource I think there will be more and more projects with the reception of only Bitcoin’s, I also think it’s an excellent motivation to start progressing in this plan and switch to Bits)

So go ahead!

Open our wallet of bitcoins right now blockchain. info wallet and start connecting to the global and transparent cue ball network.


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