Bitcoin HYIP


What is bitcoin HYIP

So, let’s talk about investment funds and haypah hosting bitcoins, as well as other crypto-currencies.

What it is? The answer is in principle in the question itself. Usually, in such projects only cues are accepted, sometimes there is another crypto currency, with the development and growth of the project, additional customary payment systems in dollars can also be added.

The development of such projects turns out to be more smooth, as a rule, mostly advertising takes place on crypto resources, news about crypto-currencies instead of usual advertising platforms and basically bitcoin hipes start to gain popularity abroad and only then go out to the Russian segment.

Recently, thanks to the growth of crypto-currencies, more and more haypas are being born and launched on bitcoins and another crypt. Of course, you should not rush into everything, for a pretty site may well sit the admin who has no idea how to develop the project and generally how the crypt works.


Investing in crypto projects gives certain advantages. If you have crypto currency, you already win. Although because you can enter the project among the first instead of waiting for when and if other ways of replenishment will appear in the project and of course while they appear, you will be able to go into profit, and sometimes not always

In addition, do not lose sight of the other pluses:

Investments in bitcoin HYIPs help to increase earnings even more due to the growing rate of crypt.

In many cases, we can monitor the situation in projects, tracking deposits and payments on the project’s purse, because in the locker all transactions are freely available to everyone.

Projects on bitcoins provide a smooth development and with a competent approach to administration, have a greater chance of long-term work.

How to earn even more with hipami on bitcoins

As already mentioned above, thanks to the growing exchange rate, we have the opportunity to earn ultimately more than declared for marketing.

But this is in case the project accepts bitcoins without conversion and calculates interest in the bitches. Always look at this important detail if your goal is to multiply the cue ball.

If the crypt for you is not an asset and you use it only as a payment system, do not want to bother with a rate that grows and falls, then choose bitcoin HYIP, which is converted to USD and accrues interest in dollars.

Do not forget also about the referral program. To receive partner awards in crypto-currencies I will tell you one pleasure. Recently I opened my dusted laitcoin purse, which I used in a project that was a year ago and received reflux — a penny for those times when lightcoin cost about $ 4 if I’m not mistaken. Having opened it today, I discovered that a few kopecks turned into thousands, while I forgot about it happily That’s how it happens.

In which HYIPs it is not worth investing bitcoins

Of course, you should not climb into everything, choose as always for quality, development and other. But still there are even good projects in which it is better not to go with bitcoins — this is the mlm game in the first place.

As we know, queues, doublers and other super-profitable games rarely work long, so you need to act quickly. And the bitcoins do not come to the project instantly, sometimes it takes a day to wait until the deposit comes up and as you know for a day, many have already passed a few laps and you are still waiting for enrollment. In general, no, it is not worth playing a candle.

We invest bitcoins in midships, low-interest mainly. A game and fasts — there are exceptions of course, but in the queue and doublers for a short period of time definitely do not recommend with the battles.

On this I’ll probably finish, leave your feedback below and all the super profits!


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