Bistinvest (hyip project)


This is a long-term HYIP with a good site, not excellent, but good.
Legend is working.
The company is not registered in the UK, as 99% of all current projects.
The lack of information about security spoils the first impression, but all that is needed is:
Worthy hosting.
BistInvest is a long-term HYIP.
This means that the minimum investment period is 30 days.

Let’s try to analyze the information.
Medium-term projects with fast payouts are basically waiting for the «big fish».
As a consequence, closing will not take long.
Long-term investment conditions provide enough time for administrators to fulfill all financial requests.
So this is an advantage.
The idea of the company is trading.
In the information provided on the site, the word «crypto-currency» is not mentioned anywhere, and it makes my positive mind smile more and more.
They trade in indices, shares, and so on.
The fact that they saw the fall of bitcoins in recent weeks, gives a plus to their karma +1.
The information is in order, with few errors, but there is no legal information on the site.
BistInvest offers 9 investment plans covering all the needs of investors.
You can start with 20, and the maximum deposit is 300,000.
There is also a nice online calculator for comfortable calculations.
As for the affiliate program I can say that the guys are very greedy)
1-level system with 5% bonus.
If you plan to earn some money on the referral program provide some more money for traffic.

Title — Bistinvest com (from 23% per Month) Fresh Overview
Description — Review and feedback about Registration in the project with a profitability of 23% per month. A detailed analysis of the company from HyipMmgp.



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