About meHello, my name is Max Power. Remember, I told you how I started earning on the Internet? Today I decided to tell about this in more detail in the interview, with my colleagues asking questions, and the one who asked the most interesting question was expecting the prize.

Interview «How to become successful on the Internet?»


— Max Power, good afternoon! Tell me, who told you that you can earn on the Internet? What helped you to rise, to feel successful?

— Many believe that you can earn on the Internet, only by playing games of chance or by investing huge sums in investment projects. But this is not so. The World Wide Web is the place where one can find a «matter» at will, without any restrictions «I want it to be necessary.» It is allowed to do everything to which the soul and mind stretch. Nobody pushes anyone, does not pull You want to become successful — do, strive, try. Only in this way you can realize your desires.


— Max Power, I send you my regards and a series of questions. Look at them and answer the one you liked: 1. How did you earn the first million in HYIP projects? Tell me about this moment. 2. Did you visit the idea of ​​creating your own HYIP? What’s stopping you?

— My participation in the HYIP project began almost a year and a half ago. But the start was not one day, but many weeks of painful expectations and doubts, until I realized that this is working. The system became understandable, it felt like a part of it. The surprise came that it is possible to develop in the project, that it is conceived for the future, which means that there is a possibility of serious earnings.

The second question I also like. I’m not ready for creating my own project, because it should be better than the one I belong to. True, sometimes I see shortcomings and tell myself that I could have done differently, but on the whole I do not see the point. I guess I’m doing my own thing.


— Good afternoon. Max Power, what is your first project, and why did you decide to dedicate your life to this cause?

— I start counting down from the project MMM-2011, start-hayp project became Bestforinvest.

If I’m still doing this, it does not mean that I will always participate in the project. You work, you gain some skills, you become successful, and at that moment it does not matter where to work. The main thing is that the matter is liked and made sense. But you need to act on the result. The scope of activity can be extensive: complex investment projects, mini-projects, and, perhaps, something better and more interesting. My intuition works, suggesting that the right moment is coming. It is necessary to simply catch it, and draw conclusions from the passed stage.


— I’m on about the avatar. Why is there one eye in the picture, what is its meaning. Will there ever be a second one added?

— On the avatar, I inserted my eye, but not in the literal sense, but just cut it from my photo. Why I did it, I do not remember, but I would never have thought that my eye could become a real brand. The second I do not want to «insert», because it is the same as the first, no differences.


— Hello everybody! Max Power, I want to ask an immodest question. Tell me, do you have a girl heart? Can I become it? Thanks in advance.

— Of course have! A lonely guy is rare today. But I will not change it for anyone. She is only seven years old, and she has taken my heart for ever. This is my daughter. All my feelings are given to her.


— Dear Max Power! I’m surprised at your blog. He is super, and you are the strongest referee, it is difficult to find you equal. This is not flattery, but admiration. Tell me, how did you manage to achieve this success? Where did you get the patience and strength, because the new information on the blog appears constantly? Do you have days off? A vacation?

— Thank you. Compliments are always pleasant. Success came unexpectedly, and, probably, because I like the case. I do not regret the time spent. It’s business, after all. Rest … and what is it? Most often, there is not enough time for rest, and if there is a minute, then I am overwhelmed by new ideas that I want to put on my page as soon as possible. In addition, you have to constantly look for a place to advertise. In very busy days I rest, because I work not for my own pleasure, but for the realization of the plan.


— Tell me, what methods do you use when choosing web projects?

«Everything I use is difficult to enumerate. The main thing is:

The idea of ​​the creators of the project must be seized so that it would be desirable to invest the undertaking and participate in it, so that the prospect is felt.

The site administration should be reliable, have positive feedback, so that she wants to work with her.


— Even the ancient Egyptians noticed that cats bring inspiration and influence the emotional state of a person. Do you have cats in your business?

«Who?» Cats? Of course not. Although I always wanted to have a big smooth black cat. Do not make him lucky?


— Hello, Max Power! Tell me, what did you want to be in childhood? What prompted you to choose this type of earnings?

— Like many guys in my class, I wanted to be an actor, have a lot of fans, bathe in glory. I did not become an actor, but somehow it just happened that I was fascinated by this unusual occupation. A lot of attempts, failures, disappointment, tears, then take off to such a height, which I never dreamed of. Everything somehow goes regardless of my desire, by itself.


— Max Power, hello! I think many will not refuse to find out what you did before. After all, you were not always a successful blogger. Why did you move into this sphere (if you can, then what is the reason)? Thank you.

— I’ve been working online for a long time:

created ads for all kinds of companies and firms;

described restaurant dishes;

praised the activities of construction companies;

spoke about online stores, web services;

promoted partnership programs;

told about hotels and tourist tours;

I tried myself in bookmakers;

Encouraged to play online casino.

In a word, I tried everything that was possible. Gradually I plunged into this sphere, and it all started with MMM. Long studied this Wednesday, but, except for earnings, found satisfaction here.


«Can I ask you a question?» How do you feel about the advice of women, do you follow them blindly? Do you allow your wife, sister, daughter to stand up for themselves, fall, do wrong, make decisions on your own? Or you, as a strong-willed man, want to protect them from all hardship and solve everything yourself?

— I respect smart people regardless of who they are to me, relatives or friends. I care about the opinions of others. As a rule, I discuss the problem with several completely different people. This helps to look at the situation from the outside, but I make the decision myself. Blindly obey your father, wife? After all, we do not live in the Middle Ages.

Daniil Kuznetsov:

— Hello, Max Power! I’m wondering if you have your own business, how did you start it? Or do you work under a contract?

— No, I have not created my own business yet, it seems that my time for my own offline business has not yet come. It takes time and soul-giving, and I work all day and night. Last year I tried to create and untwist sites, but then I left it. What I am doing now, you observe yourself.


— There is an expression that eagles, soaring in the skies, will not graze with turkeys. And who are you with?

— People are different: some stimulate to activity, push. They can learn a lot. On the other you can just not pay attention. And it is even better not to listen to anyone’s advice and live, as intuition suggests.

This question and answer were evaluated in five points.


— Max Power! You can tell us about the future of the HYIP industry.

— All development goes in periods: rise and fall. This is natural, there is no need to be afraid of a series of failures, advanced technologies, creative thoughts will replace them.


— Max Power, very personally. What is happiness? What is it associated with you?

— For me, happiness is what I have. But I do not want to be wanting … I do not rush to extremes. Suppose I live on the moon, and will I be happy there?


— Who tells you about the weekend spans. There is an opinion that the administrators themselves find you and pay for the fact that you are promoting their project?

— Indeed, the new administrators themselves offer the promotion of the project, because my resource is popular. Do I receive a fee for this? Of course, just like you. But my refs can reach 20%. Banners are also put up for sale, but on my own blog is rare, because in these projects I do not participate. I myself look for projects, many of which are successful.


— Hi, let me ask you a question about the profit. After all, you are «playing» everything and even attracting new partners. Everything that surrounds you, makes money for you. Where do you spend such huge sums, not considering those that are simply necessary for life or promotion. More precisely, what is the ultimate goal of your savings?

«So that I can live in old age peacefully, so that my child is well-to-do, a considerable amount of capital is needed.»


— Hello, Max Power! It was my turn to ask my question (until this moment I was very attentive to the correspondence). How did you succeed and become a winner? I wish you new successes.

— No project can do without failures. They are needed in order to comprehend the new. It’s all over the world, and not just in the world of money and projects. Business is the following:

Daily giving of forces, means;

Constant lack of time.

Failures can be much stronger than in online projects. After all, a businessman, investing funds, is at risk, you can lose everything. This is what the beginning businessman needs to consider.


— What is your specialty in diploma? Do you use your professional skills in the Internet business?

— Once I was trained in programming, I was engaged in design, I have SEO skills. I would say my profession is an entrepreneur. Only everything else needs ideas, without them you will not advance.


— Max Power! Your blog is very friendly. How do you manage to maintain this state, because business is a very aggressive industry.

— The business is troubled, because it starts with money. I’m looking for partners who impress me. Why should their friendliness depend on the specific situation? I already read a similar version of the question and gave an answer. It’s better to ask other blog users: why do not they believe in their own success and envy others?


— If you suddenly have to face the Almighty, what will you say?

— Obviously, my words will be: «This is the yes!» And we can say simply: «Hello!»


— Max Power! You can not take away freedom and independence! Did you help to find freedom in online? What was the reason for the tipping point? Remember the situation when everything fell from your hands and you wanted to quit your job? What kind of project has become that border, after overcoming which the work began to bring joy?

— My work on the Internet has many sides. I performed many functions, participated in different projects. There was no bright tipping point, but there were moments after which I radically changed the direction of my work.


— Hi, Max Power! Let’s not yet on the Internet, websites and haypah. You live in Italy, I admire this country, especially its cuisine. Tell me, how many dishes did you try? And Italian sweets? And coffee? Do you manage to go somewhere to go? Your page is always warm, it seems that not only you read the information, but also hear your voice explaining the incomprehensible. For some reason I want to really get to know each other, become a friend, and not create an image in the virtual space.

— It’s hard to name a favorite dish. I love pasta, even I myself learned to cook it. Crazy about coffee, here it is unsurpassed. Without this drink I do not work, as well as Italians. Italian cuisine is beautiful, but I always have dinner near the company.


— Good afternoon! Let me ask you my question. Do you rest without a computer? How many hours per day? Do you watch, like everyone else, a TV? How does the morning begin? Thank you in advance. Olga.

«Morning is coffee and a computer.» I look through the comments, I read forums, letters in chats, mail. Gradually I come to working condition. My laptop does not shut down even at night, sometimes I have to jump out of bed and answer all sorts of questions. There are days when I sleep two or three hours. Sometimes I allow myself to rest, but not often. On such days I allow myself to go to the gym, take a walk and even watch a movie. If I go on vacation, then together with the laptop. I pay attention to him every two hours.


— Max Power, and you have a bad mood, caused by the collapse of the project or bad weather?

— I do not mix these two situations. If the project fails (by logic, this should not happen), I lie and cry until the pain disappears. But the nasty weather causes the desire to become harmful.


— Max Power, hello! I admire how you conduct video reviews of projects. Your well-placed voice bewitches. And would you like to try yourself in the role of speaker and conduct webinars? It seems to me that the proposals would be the sea.

— You are reading my mind. It seems to me that it would have turned out, that’s just not enough experience. I do not know, but suddenly it happens that I will get carried away with new activities.


— Doing business is interesting. But, other than that, what do you do? Do you have a favorite woman or among fans and contenders it is difficult to choose one? Do not be offended by the second part of the question … maybe you are close to the relationship with men. How do you feel about unions of the same sex?

«Just like the connection between a woman and a man.» After all, love is permissible for all, is it possible to condemn this feeling? If it were possible to overcome all prejudices about love, then the world would become much more beautiful. Personally, I prefer women.


— Hi, Max Power! Tell me how you reacted to your first failure, the first loss in the HYIP. What feelings did you feel? What are you guided by when choosing a project?

— The first setbacks. No, they were foreseen, I was ready for it. When investing projects, every time I mentally bid farewell to money, but then foresight and experience come. About the manuals to the action told above.


— What did you think about people when you read these questions?

— They are very simple, but everyone had to answer! How to have time!

Another question

After the contest ended, another was sent, which would logically conclude my interview.


— Max Power, good evening! Late noticed your interview, but one question … Can I? What do you feel when you place a project on the site?

— I am overwhelmed with many feelings that merge into one:

becomes scary and reckless;

the desire to risk wins:

adrenaline rises;

I feel responsibility and pleasure that the preparatory stage has passed;

waiting for the moment when you can just follow the development of the project.

The power of feelings is different. If this is a game, then I can not hold back the excitement. If the preliminary work was painstaking and long, then a sense of responsibility comes, because the success of the enterprise depends to some extent on me. In general, I squeeze my fingers with a «cross» and press the «Publish» button.