5traders.com (hyip project)


We would like to present a medium-sized project for review. The date of opening the project on October 31, 2016. He has been partisan for a long time and has been working for more than a year. The project is engaged in crypto-currency trading and offers to earn from 1.9% to 3% per day net profit for 90 days.
As for specific proposals for investors, 5traders offers 5 tariffs with a fixed daily profitability.
Before making a deposit, you need to pass an easy registration.
When you register, in the office you need to go to the «Invest» section, select the payment system, specify the necessary tariff plan, enter the required amount of your deposit and click the «Invest» button.
Withdrawals are instant, but in some cases, when this withdrawal mode can not be realized for reasons beyond the control of the company, processing of payment requests may take up to 48 hours. There is a career ladder in the project. Terms: personal contribution or turnover structure.
User (All registered): 5-1% of the deposit amount;
Partner (500/2000): 6-2-1% of the deposit amount;
Manager (1000/5000): 7-3-1% of the deposit amount;
Representative (3000/10000): 8-3-2-1-1% of the deposit amount; (can be obtained in consultation with the company)
Leader (5000/25000): 10-4-2-1-1% of the deposit amount;
Director (10000/50000): 12-5-3-2-1% of the deposit amount;
CEO (25000/100000): 15-5-3-2-1% of the deposit amount.
Title – Review and feedback on the 5traders.com project (4% deposit bonus + 500 $ insurance) & raquo; HYIP Monitoring of HYIP investment projects
Description – We want to present a new project for review


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